Your Weekend Forecast is Sweaters, But Check All the Details!

Hey, it's the weekend again! Yay! I've got denim and sweaters for you, which is not unusual. What is unusual, is that you need to check out some of the details in these outfits and decided if these are going to fit into your style or not. G&B Weekend Forecast
This first outfit has an obvious "detail". It has patches on the jeans. This seems to be a detail that pops up every couple of years. This year the patches seem to be fairly large, obvious. So, are you wearing PATCHED denim? Are you thrifty? Sewing large patches on last season's distressed denim maybe?
Asymmetrical Earrings
This second outfit was going to be really difficult to see, so I put it in a bubble. Yes, asymmetrical earrings that are sets. One is a stud style earring and one is a chandelier style. This set by Henri Bendel is a perfect example of what they are like. Is this style for you? I like it a lot, but people who have to have things symmetrical won't go for it. I like balance, but not necessarily symmetry. Some people get really nervous if things aren't symmetrical. Which type are you?
Orange and Denim Weekend Forecast
And the last detail has actually been present in all the outfits, but you weren't able to see it. All of these jeans are cut with the waist all the way to your natural waist. The second one is that way because it is based on men's jeans. Are you addicted to your lower waisted jeans or are you going to be trying the higher waists out this season? I haven't made up my mind yet about this point. Let me know what you think and why.

I hope you all have a great weekend! See you back here Monday.

Judi and the Blue Cat