Wool Coat Season is Upon Us - How to Look Hot (lol!)


Sorry, I just couldn't resist the tongue in cheek there in the title. Let's just hope to stay warm in our wool coats and look good in them. So many people look so bundled up that they look like a walking pile of clothes. Now, if you live in an environment that requires that sort of layering, I'm very sorry. I just can't imagine that sort of severe weather. Here in New England we have four seasons. Our winters can be bad, but they are survivable and they only last about 4 months. Then comes spring, and the world blooms anew. Sorry, I happen to think I live in the most beautiful place in the world.

So, wool coats! I have some interesting ones for you today.  It's smokin'
This first one is really a cape. If you have the advantage of not having to be outside for long periods of time, as I do, a cape can be fun to wear. I really don't think it's practical for those who have to fight the elements for long periods of time since wind will find its way into any opening. And a cape has too many of those to be comfortable for a long time on a windy day. But you can see how well it goes with some really attractive clothes!
Just a hint of boho
This style of coat is a great one for a real winter day. The one thing you need to be sure of is that your wool coat is 100% wool. Wool blends just aren't going to give you the warmth that the 100% wool will. A coat like this has long sleeves that are close all the way to the wrist to keep winds out and to meet your gloves without a gap. The placket overlap in front also is a great feature to keep out drafts and is slimming as well. It has a great slim cut and is a wonderful standout color.
This last one is another one, like the cape, not intended for really cold winter weather. It's an early winter coat. It's great with 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. It's a great coat to layer with, too. It's subtle print is one that works well with a lot of things. Here I've put it with a tweedy scarf as well as the stripes in the dress. And it works! This would be the perfect coat to wear the day you go shopping at the mall. It's lightweight and won't be a problem to leave on or carry since it's so light!

So, what fits into your winter weather? Do you have late fall into early winter? Or do you go right into full winter right away? How do you bundle up for the cold? Show me! judieasley@gmail.com 

I'll be showing you more winter coats in upcoming postings. For now, I hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday and Thursday. I look forward to seeing you Friday!

Keep stylin'
Judi and Blue Cat