T'is the Season for Pumpkin Spiciness


Those of you who live here in the northeastern part of the US, know that all the places that sell coffee are selling the pumpkin flavors right now. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are the two in my area that I think of first. And all the bakeries and coffee shops are putting out their pumpkin flavored goodies to go with it! It's a yummy season, to be sure! Even the nicer restaurants get in on it. Have you had Olive Garden's Pumpkin Cheesecake? Oh my, oh my. That one is definitely worth its calories! Sarah and I split it and then hit Barnes and Noble to walk it off.

It's also a great color to wear! This isn't the color of a pumpkin, that bright orange. This is the color you see on the top of a pumpkin pie when it comes out of the oven all spicey and hot. T'is the Season
This first outfit started with the pumpkin-y fringed wrap. To that I added the leopard print slit skirt. I topped that with the wrapped cardigan in black. If the cardigan is cut too low in front for you, then you could add in a black or camel camisole or tank for modesty. Step right into those warm caramel pumps. Try out a black tote style bag. Pop on fabulous black and amber earrings to add some more spiciness to the look! That's stylin'!

Cafe Coffee
This second look takes the spiciness a bit further than pumpkin! I'd say this is more a blood orange color. I started with the skirt and the gorgeous pumps with the bow accent. I added the cardigan with the long drape for drama and the camisole for an additional layer. The earrings actually reminded me of blood oranges, so I had to use those! And I just loved the black croc handbag for additional texture with the print in the skirt. A simple outfit really ~ a skirt and sweater, but it sure packs a dramatic punch!
 Cafe aussi
This third look is more a camel than a pumpkin, but it has its own drama. I started with the skirt. This Lanvin skirt is simple. It's a striped A-line skirt, right? Well, yes and no. It wraps, it drapes, it's asymmetrical, its fringed and it's gorgeous! I topped it with a black polo neck sweater and a denim jacket. All close cut to keep the slim line of the skirt in focus. Add a camel fringed scarf at the neck and some leather and bead earrings for color. Step into these plaid pumps in B&Wand red for interest and grab a great red cross body bag. A simple look with lots of interest. 

An amazing start to the week? Well, how are you starting your week? I'm starting mine slowly. I'm not sticking to my usual schedule this week, since I'm still recovering, but I will be here and I will have things for you. I just may not be here at the usual time and it will only be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I hope you've all heard about the newsletter that's starting on the first of November. Get your name on the list and get the first issue that I'm working on now. It will cover things not on the blog at all. I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you there!

Hope you have a truly amazing Monday!
Judi and the Blue Cat