Life Between the Lines


It's Monday! Are you amazing today? I hope you are! I have three outfits based on stripes that are very different. Well, they are very different than what I normally would present to you. And yet, you would see much more "different" on the street every day of the week if you live in a large city. So I'm going to need to hear from you to see what your reactions are to each of these outfits to know if you like these looks.

Do you read fashion books? Do you check out street fashion in magazines or on line? Are you familiar with the book Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen? These outfits could be straight out of that book.
Advanced Style
Advanced Style Life Between the Lines
Advanced StyleThis outfit would look right at home walking down the streets of New York City, too. Maybe I should have added some super large sunglasses and a hat for it to really feel at home. So, can you see yourself wearing this look? It's all knits that move with the figure and are super comfortable. Though, those heels aren't going to be super comfy. Probably something a bit lower, eh? But that cape-like cardigan is definitely wearable. What about you? Would you wear this? Or how would you change it to be more you?

N&O Fall Look
Believe it or not, the manufacturer calls this dress navy blue. To me it looks black. I tried to use it in such a way that it could be either. I would love to see it a bit more navy really. This outfit is pretty tame actually for NYC street style. So I added the snake pin and really tried to keep in mind what this whole outfit would look like on a woman walking along while she's checking out messages on her phone. Perhaps I should have added super large sunglasses and hats to all these outfits! There's a very female aspect to this outfit as there was to the first one. Everything is knit. So it really moves with the figure. You are really on display in these clothes. Can you see yourself wearing these outfits? Or how would you alter them to make them more your own style?

This last one, is not revealing at all. It's really all covered up!
Long Lines
Very demure, don't you think? lol! Actually, this is more along the lines of boho, artsy. The long shirt is like someone took a man's shirt and simply stretched it. I think it's super! Then the long, wool cardigan is all encompassing, too. Definitely one of those to snuggle in! No figure worries here. No one will see your figure. Okay, can you see yourself wearing this? Or can you change this up a bit and make it fit your style?

This is the cover of Cohen's book. If you ever get a chance, read it, or at least browse it. It's fun to browse and informative to read. These older women have found their own personal styles and they stick with them no matter what "fashion" says. Some of them simply have modified the style they wore as adults and have made it their own. Others have taken bits and pieces of all walks of life and created something entirely new.

Do you belong on the pages of Cohen's book?  Do you belong on the pages of my blog? Show me! I'd really love to see pictures of your Everyday Looks.

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See you on Wednesday!
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