Big Knit Sweaters for Fall Cold


Well, it is still Wednesday, though just barely. Sorry about that. I've been dealing with what my cable company did and trying to get things all back on line and working. It really goofed up all my accounts and passwords. Hopefully, I can get them all straightened out tomorrow. For now, I am at least able to get this done.

What's trendy this fall that we might want to wear? Well, I find that there are two things that I like. One is the big knit sweaters. They are so snuggly and cuddly, that I really want to wear them. You just have to be careful that you are wearing them and not that they are wearing you. You don't want them too big and baggy. Then they just look sloppy. In this first outfit, the sweater is big in the sleeves and is what is known as batwing style. Yet it stops at the hip bone. It's big chunky knitting and has a large open neckline.  As long as it's the right size for you, it will look soft and drapey. Buy it too big and it will be falling off your shoulders and sagging and droopy. In other words, sloppy. C&G Fall
The other trend that I am drawn to is the flats with the pointed toe. I like the ones that have the almond shaped toe rather than a full pointed toe. And we are seeing a lot of ankle tied flats as well. These are quite trendy right now. They are fun as long as they don't get carried away like the gladiators did with tying all the way up the leg. That was a trend I didn't like.
C&C Fall
In this second outfit, the sweater is a ribbed knit sized to be slouchy. Still, not sloppy. After all, it's Front Row - not sloppy. This one has that neckline that we used to call a mock turtle, only it's wide open rather than close to the neck. It's great for tucking a scarf into. And here I've used strappy flats with pointed toes, rather than tied ankles. They have a similar effect.

B&B Fall
And this last outfit is a long tunic sweater in two tones of beige. Oh my, how boring, beige. Well, it's not so boring the way I put it together with chocolate brown slim trousers and a plaid scarf. I added brown jewelry and a multi-tone brown and plaid handbag. And then I added flats that tie up the front with an almond toe, another variation of the pointed flat.

So, I'm sure you can now put together an outfit to stay warm and cozy in. Right? How do you feel about these trends this season? Will you be wearing the big knit sweaters? Or the pointed toe flats?

Hopefully, I won't have anymore problems from the cable company and I will be able to post without difficulty on Friday in the morning. See you then!

Judi and the Blue Cat