Amazing Autumn Colors for Your Monday!


One of the groups I belong to on Polyvore had a contest for sets involving autumn colors. So I made my sets for here and there as well. So these are not my usual sets. They are a bit fluffy for the contest, but I didn't think you'd mind. Autumn Color Celebration
In this first look, I used rich chocolate brown leggings and an asymmetrical tunic top in a lovely autumn print. I topped it with a sage green cardigan. I added medium chestnut brown pumps and a sage green handbag with brown leather accents. The earrings are ruby to pull some of the color from the tunic. And I topped it all off with a creamy beige colored trench. Lots of lovely autumn color!
Autumn Color Celebration 2
I started with a dark ruddy brown leather pencil skirt and then loosely tucked in a short sleeved, creamy, batwing blouse with fashion sketches on it. I topped that with a cobalt blue cardigan cut long with dolman sleeves. For shoes I chose cobalt suede pumps and the handbag is a leather and woven combination in dark brown and dark beige. The earrings are cobalt blue. As crisp and refreshing as a cool fall morning.
Autumn Color Celebration 3
This third look started with the idea of boots, but I actually chose the high necked, sleeveless sweater dress first. I love the rich ruby color of it. I added a ruby and gold scarf to the neck for accent and gold earrings and cuff bracelet for more gold. I made sure that my gold was a really yellow gold so that it would pull the color from the scarf and sweater. Because I topped it all off with this very golden yellow sweater. Then I added the ruby boots and bag. Not quite the ruby slippers that Dorothy had, but I'll bet they get you home. 

With as much of this tone as I've used lately, you'd think I would wear it a lot. But I really don't. It's one of those colors that I haven't been able to find lately. But I'm looking for it. 1, I like the color, and 2, I look good in it.

The fall palette is so rich that you can't help but be amazing on Monday or any other day of the week!

Hope you had a great weekend. See you tomorrow!
Judi and the Blue Cat