Your Weekend Forecast is Warm Wool Coats


And here we have our Friday post and end of the trial of post at any time of day. Starting Monday, I will return to my accustomed 8:00 am posting time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I'm not sure why I allowed myself to be persuaded that this was even worth trying. I like things on schedule and obviously so do you. So, as of Monday's post, I will return to my normal posting time of 8:00 am my time. I do apologize for any frustration this has caused you while this haphazard schedule was tried.

So, weekend denim and wool coats! That's something those of us in cold time zones can get behind right now. I don't know about you, but I really don't have a coat to match every outfit in my closet. But it is fun to match coats up with the outfits here on the posts to show you the variety of what's available and to make it pretty, of course. I have one wool coat and one down parka. My wool coat is a camel color and my parka is plum. I do have a wool blend that's violet, but I almost never wear that. I guess that should go to Good Will and be replaced by something I'll actually wear. I don't like unwearable clothes in my closet taking up space. I've been clearing out a lot lately it seems.

So, what do we have in today's post? I chose jeans and sweaters or layers. I made these posts more stylish than casual. Though none of them are uptight. Any of them could be for just hanging around the house, too. It depends on just how casual or stylish your own style is. Green Autumn
This first one is the most casual one, I think. For one thing, it's got flats rather than heels with it and that tends to make things more casual, in general. The entire outfit is green with blue denim. I love this green, especially with denim blue. When putting your outfit together, use all the variations of your chosen hue.

Just a quick color theory lesson for reference. A hue is a color - red, yellow, blue. Those are the three primary colors that all other colors are made of. The secondary colors are orange, green and purple. They are made of mixing the primary colors. Then we get the rest of the colors from mixing from there, a little more of this, a little more of that, and voila! Shades are made by mixing in a touch or more of black. Tints are made by mixing in a touch or more of white. Now this is painting class color theory, but it's always the way I reference color, since that's the way I learned color theory, thank you Mr. Albers. 
Blue Gray Autumn
This second outfit is a bit less casual. There's layering, more sophisticated fabrics and styles and heels, plus there's a second color. But you could switch out the heels and spend the day at home just as easily. But if you do have to go out, you have this lovely alpaca coat to wrap up in!
Violet Autumn
And this third look is bright and stylish, but still in keeping with our usual casual weekend look. I mean, what it is after all, but jeans and a sweater with a jacket? Yup! But, that's stylin'!

Enjoy your weekend, however you decide to spend it! Remember, the first issue of Blue Cat Reviewer comes out on November 1st to those of you who have signed up for it. And I will see you right back here on Monday at 8:00am for an Amazing Monday posting!

Stay stylish!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Wool Coat Season is Upon Us - How to Look Hot (lol!)


Sorry, I just couldn't resist the tongue in cheek there in the title. Let's just hope to stay warm in our wool coats and look good in them. So many people look so bundled up that they look like a walking pile of clothes. Now, if you live in an environment that requires that sort of layering, I'm very sorry. I just can't imagine that sort of severe weather. Here in New England we have four seasons. Our winters can be bad, but they are survivable and they only last about 4 months. Then comes spring, and the world blooms anew. Sorry, I happen to think I live in the most beautiful place in the world.

So, wool coats! I have some interesting ones for you today.  It's smokin'
This first one is really a cape. If you have the advantage of not having to be outside for long periods of time, as I do, a cape can be fun to wear. I really don't think it's practical for those who have to fight the elements for long periods of time since wind will find its way into any opening. And a cape has too many of those to be comfortable for a long time on a windy day. But you can see how well it goes with some really attractive clothes!
Just a hint of boho
This style of coat is a great one for a real winter day. The one thing you need to be sure of is that your wool coat is 100% wool. Wool blends just aren't going to give you the warmth that the 100% wool will. A coat like this has long sleeves that are close all the way to the wrist to keep winds out and to meet your gloves without a gap. The placket overlap in front also is a great feature to keep out drafts and is slimming as well. It has a great slim cut and is a wonderful standout color.
This last one is another one, like the cape, not intended for really cold winter weather. It's an early winter coat. It's great with 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. It's a great coat to layer with, too. It's subtle print is one that works well with a lot of things. Here I've put it with a tweedy scarf as well as the stripes in the dress. And it works! This would be the perfect coat to wear the day you go shopping at the mall. It's lightweight and won't be a problem to leave on or carry since it's so light!

So, what fits into your winter weather? Do you have late fall into early winter? Or do you go right into full winter right away? How do you bundle up for the cold? Show me! 

I'll be showing you more winter coats in upcoming postings. For now, I hope you have a great rest of your Wednesday and Thursday. I look forward to seeing you Friday!

Keep stylin'
Judi and Blue Cat

Life Between the Lines


It's Monday! Are you amazing today? I hope you are! I have three outfits based on stripes that are very different. Well, they are very different than what I normally would present to you. And yet, you would see much more "different" on the street every day of the week if you live in a large city. So I'm going to need to hear from you to see what your reactions are to each of these outfits to know if you like these looks.

Do you read fashion books? Do you check out street fashion in magazines or on line? Are you familiar with the book Advanced Style by Ari Seth Cohen? These outfits could be straight out of that book.
Advanced Style
Advanced Style Life Between the Lines
Advanced StyleThis outfit would look right at home walking down the streets of New York City, too. Maybe I should have added some super large sunglasses and a hat for it to really feel at home. So, can you see yourself wearing this look? It's all knits that move with the figure and are super comfortable. Though, those heels aren't going to be super comfy. Probably something a bit lower, eh? But that cape-like cardigan is definitely wearable. What about you? Would you wear this? Or how would you change it to be more you?

N&O Fall Look
Believe it or not, the manufacturer calls this dress navy blue. To me it looks black. I tried to use it in such a way that it could be either. I would love to see it a bit more navy really. This outfit is pretty tame actually for NYC street style. So I added the snake pin and really tried to keep in mind what this whole outfit would look like on a woman walking along while she's checking out messages on her phone. Perhaps I should have added super large sunglasses and hats to all these outfits! There's a very female aspect to this outfit as there was to the first one. Everything is knit. So it really moves with the figure. You are really on display in these clothes. Can you see yourself wearing these outfits? Or how would you alter them to make them more your own style?

This last one, is not revealing at all. It's really all covered up!
Long Lines
Very demure, don't you think? lol! Actually, this is more along the lines of boho, artsy. The long shirt is like someone took a man's shirt and simply stretched it. I think it's super! Then the long, wool cardigan is all encompassing, too. Definitely one of those to snuggle in! No figure worries here. No one will see your figure. Okay, can you see yourself wearing this? Or can you change this up a bit and make it fit your style?

This is the cover of Cohen's book. If you ever get a chance, read it, or at least browse it. It's fun to browse and informative to read. These older women have found their own personal styles and they stick with them no matter what "fashion" says. Some of them simply have modified the style they wore as adults and have made it their own. Others have taken bits and pieces of all walks of life and created something entirely new.

Do you belong on the pages of Cohen's book?  Do you belong on the pages of my blog? Show me! I'd really love to see pictures of your Everyday Looks.

Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter. The first edition is due out on November 1st! I've been very busy working on it and planning the next couple of editions as well. So make sure we have your correct e-mail address so you won't miss an issue. The form is on the right in the side bar.

See you on Wednesday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Weekend Forecast is Sweaters, But Check All the Details!

Hey, it's the weekend again! Yay! I've got denim and sweaters for you, which is not unusual. What is unusual, is that you need to check out some of the details in these outfits and decided if these are going to fit into your style or not. G&B Weekend Forecast
This first outfit has an obvious "detail". It has patches on the jeans. This seems to be a detail that pops up every couple of years. This year the patches seem to be fairly large, obvious. So, are you wearing PATCHED denim? Are you thrifty? Sewing large patches on last season's distressed denim maybe?
Asymmetrical Earrings
This second outfit was going to be really difficult to see, so I put it in a bubble. Yes, asymmetrical earrings that are sets. One is a stud style earring and one is a chandelier style. This set by Henri Bendel is a perfect example of what they are like. Is this style for you? I like it a lot, but people who have to have things symmetrical won't go for it. I like balance, but not necessarily symmetry. Some people get really nervous if things aren't symmetrical. Which type are you?
Orange and Denim Weekend Forecast
And the last detail has actually been present in all the outfits, but you weren't able to see it. All of these jeans are cut with the waist all the way to your natural waist. The second one is that way because it is based on men's jeans. Are you addicted to your lower waisted jeans or are you going to be trying the higher waists out this season? I haven't made up my mind yet about this point. Let me know what you think and why.

I hope you all have a great weekend! See you back here Monday.

Judi and the Blue Cat

Big Knit Sweaters for Fall Cold


Well, it is still Wednesday, though just barely. Sorry about that. I've been dealing with what my cable company did and trying to get things all back on line and working. It really goofed up all my accounts and passwords. Hopefully, I can get them all straightened out tomorrow. For now, I am at least able to get this done.

What's trendy this fall that we might want to wear? Well, I find that there are two things that I like. One is the big knit sweaters. They are so snuggly and cuddly, that I really want to wear them. You just have to be careful that you are wearing them and not that they are wearing you. You don't want them too big and baggy. Then they just look sloppy. In this first outfit, the sweater is big in the sleeves and is what is known as batwing style. Yet it stops at the hip bone. It's big chunky knitting and has a large open neckline.  As long as it's the right size for you, it will look soft and drapey. Buy it too big and it will be falling off your shoulders and sagging and droopy. In other words, sloppy. C&G Fall
The other trend that I am drawn to is the flats with the pointed toe. I like the ones that have the almond shaped toe rather than a full pointed toe. And we are seeing a lot of ankle tied flats as well. These are quite trendy right now. They are fun as long as they don't get carried away like the gladiators did with tying all the way up the leg. That was a trend I didn't like.
C&C Fall
In this second outfit, the sweater is a ribbed knit sized to be slouchy. Still, not sloppy. After all, it's Front Row - not sloppy. This one has that neckline that we used to call a mock turtle, only it's wide open rather than close to the neck. It's great for tucking a scarf into. And here I've used strappy flats with pointed toes, rather than tied ankles. They have a similar effect.

B&B Fall
And this last outfit is a long tunic sweater in two tones of beige. Oh my, how boring, beige. Well, it's not so boring the way I put it together with chocolate brown slim trousers and a plaid scarf. I added brown jewelry and a multi-tone brown and plaid handbag. And then I added flats that tie up the front with an almond toe, another variation of the pointed flat.

So, I'm sure you can now put together an outfit to stay warm and cozy in. Right? How do you feel about these trends this season? Will you be wearing the big knit sweaters? Or the pointed toe flats?

Hopefully, I won't have anymore problems from the cable company and I will be able to post without difficulty on Friday in the morning. See you then!

Judi and the Blue Cat

T'is the Season for Pumpkin Spiciness


Those of you who live here in the northeastern part of the US, know that all the places that sell coffee are selling the pumpkin flavors right now. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are the two in my area that I think of first. And all the bakeries and coffee shops are putting out their pumpkin flavored goodies to go with it! It's a yummy season, to be sure! Even the nicer restaurants get in on it. Have you had Olive Garden's Pumpkin Cheesecake? Oh my, oh my. That one is definitely worth its calories! Sarah and I split it and then hit Barnes and Noble to walk it off.

It's also a great color to wear! This isn't the color of a pumpkin, that bright orange. This is the color you see on the top of a pumpkin pie when it comes out of the oven all spicey and hot. T'is the Season
This first outfit started with the pumpkin-y fringed wrap. To that I added the leopard print slit skirt. I topped that with the wrapped cardigan in black. If the cardigan is cut too low in front for you, then you could add in a black or camel camisole or tank for modesty. Step right into those warm caramel pumps. Try out a black tote style bag. Pop on fabulous black and amber earrings to add some more spiciness to the look! That's stylin'!

Cafe Coffee
This second look takes the spiciness a bit further than pumpkin! I'd say this is more a blood orange color. I started with the skirt and the gorgeous pumps with the bow accent. I added the cardigan with the long drape for drama and the camisole for an additional layer. The earrings actually reminded me of blood oranges, so I had to use those! And I just loved the black croc handbag for additional texture with the print in the skirt. A simple outfit really ~ a skirt and sweater, but it sure packs a dramatic punch!
 Cafe aussi
This third look is more a camel than a pumpkin, but it has its own drama. I started with the skirt. This Lanvin skirt is simple. It's a striped A-line skirt, right? Well, yes and no. It wraps, it drapes, it's asymmetrical, its fringed and it's gorgeous! I topped it with a black polo neck sweater and a denim jacket. All close cut to keep the slim line of the skirt in focus. Add a camel fringed scarf at the neck and some leather and bead earrings for color. Step into these plaid pumps in B&Wand red for interest and grab a great red cross body bag. A simple look with lots of interest. 

An amazing start to the week? Well, how are you starting your week? I'm starting mine slowly. I'm not sticking to my usual schedule this week, since I'm still recovering, but I will be here and I will have things for you. I just may not be here at the usual time and it will only be Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I hope you've all heard about the newsletter that's starting on the first of November. Get your name on the list and get the first issue that I'm working on now. It will cover things not on the blog at all. I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you there!

Hope you have a truly amazing Monday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Sorry, but I'm under the weather right now

Sorry there haven't been posts these past few days. I have been battling a fibro migraine since last Tuesday and have been unable to work. I hope to be recovered enough to work in the next day or so and back with you. Blue Cat has been taking excellent care of me.

Judi and the Blue Cat

Three for Midweek


And how are you this fine Wednesday? Looking good I trust? I have three fabulous skirt looks for you today. Martini Mary
Start with a black PU pencil skirt. Top it with an asymmetrical print top with a cowl collar. Add some warmth with a waterfall cardi. A dash of shine from black patent pumps with ankle wrap straps. And a bit of pattern again in the B&W bag with a red handle. And the final touch in black and pink earrings. A bit snazzy!
Sad Suri
Tuck this sky blue, honey, and chocolate brown plaid and striped blouse loosely into the chocolate brown wool and leather slit skirt. Add some warmth with a silk and cashmere cardi. Step into bronze metallic pumps. Add a dark chocolate bag. Finish the look with dark chocolate stone earrings for sparkle. 
Delightful Doris
Start with the long lean line of the dress. It has a funnel neck, sleeveless, and a large windowpane check in light blue and white. Add some warmth with a wool and cashmere waterfall cardi that falls to the knees. Step into white pumps with a floral and swirling painted design. Add the lovely light blue handbag. Finish with the sparkling semi-precious stones in the dangle earrings. 

So, which of these three looks would you like best to saunter out in today? They are looks for the bold woman. Or do you prefer to adapt these looks to your Everyday Look? It can be done, of course. But to maintain the boldness of the look, the woman herself must have the je ne sais quoi to carry it off. Show me how you did it! Send me your pictures of your Everday Looks to 

There will be no posting on Thursday.

We look forward to seeing you on Friday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Emma Jane Holloway's Steampunk Series with Mr. Holmes' Niece

If you are a fan of steampunk novels, this is the series for you. If you have never read steampunk, you still might consider reading this one. This is full of an alternative history of Victorian London, magic and love set at a pace that keeps you out of breath most of the time.

I just finished the third book, A Study in Ashes, in this wonderful trilogy by Miss Hallowell.
17264589 The last book was the best, but the whole series was really great! I don't read too many steampunk novels because they, by their very nature, can be quite limited in scope. However, all it took was the mention of Sherlock Holmes, who is in here, to grab my interest. I was going to write a review, but after reading Kara-karina 's review, I decided I wouldn't be able to do the books any more justice than she had. So I am simply passing on her review.

GoodReads:Here is the review by Kara-karina:
A brilliant wrap up of all the things building during the first two books of The Baskerville Affair! I already mentioned last week that this series was awesome. Fast, furious, full of wonderful gadgetry, magic, treachery, danger and complex intrigues. I was glued to the books, satisfied with the ending and hopeful for more instalments in the future.

Poor Evie does not get a break after the events in A Study in Darkness, and the third book becomes even more Gothic and intense as all the plot knots start unravelling.

I'm glad that what felt like a love triangle in book #1, completely resolves itself by the end of the second book, which is only natural in the set of circumstances. Both Tobias and Evelina get on with their lives and various challenges they represent, and outgrow their feelings for each other, especially Evie who sees Tobias far more clearly than he sees her, and who typically fell in love with him like most of us - for his potential, not for his actions.

Nick stays his scrumptious self and I as usual do not have any complaints about his dashing piratical persona - he is a lovely character! *grinning maniacally* 

Evie... *raises her glass* is going to the dark side, and oh boy, when she goes - she goes. This is one of the reasons why this book was so fascinating for me to read. That pull of dark magic she experiencing is only gonna get stronger in A Study of Ashes, and actually she deals with it in a spectacular way.

Much of the book is also dedicated to Imogen, Mouse and Bird's adventures. While they were not bad, they were not my favourite part of the plot even if they gave the reader more interactions with Bucky and charming Poppy. 

Overall, A Study in Ashes brings all the characters together in an explosive way. Expect some dark twists, shocking deaths and epic battles. I'll say no more as I don't want to give you any spoilers. Highly recommended.

The first two books in the series are:
17262144 and 17264584

If you decide to read these great books, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Judi and the Two Cats!

Coming to Blue Cat Review! Sign up Now!

I have decided that it is time to add a monthly newsletter to Blue Cat Review. So, that's how Blue Cat Reviewer has come into being. It will have its first issue sent on November 1, 2015 and each 1st of the month thereafter (God willing) as long as I still have something to say and share with you. I will include additional outfits or individual items of interest. I will discuss beauty, or skin care issues we all face as we age. Or possibly I will ask more questions than I give answers to these things. I hope that the newsletter will become a dialogue between us. Me sharing what I know or have heard. And you sharing what you know or have found out. I really think that's what women do best. We are at our best when we support each other and share ourselves.

I will also include book reviews or recommendations based on my own or Sarah's reading. Please feel free to share your reading with us. We are always on the lookout for new authors. Both of us read all the time. In fact, Sarah's masters degree program is English Literature. I was hoping she would do Creative Writing, but that's not what she chose. I always thought she would end up being a writer, but so far she hasn't gone that way. My son, Andrew has dabbled a bit, but he hasn't committed to it, either. Maybe the next generation? Is there an author in the family somewhere?

I'll share Buggy, the Blue Cat, and Spooky Girl, the Black Cat, with you more. Their adventures and my trials with their assistance in the office. Spooky, in particular, loves to type! She can't spell, but she does love to type. She's very fast, too. And if anyone knows of a good cat psychiatrist, I might need a referral for Buggy's latest habit.

I'm looking forward to sharing some artwork with you as well. Some of my own art and that of friends. Also some that I just love to look at. I do have an art degree, so it should come as no surprise that I love it. I'd love to share some of your art as well, if you would like to share it with me.

And then there are the recipes. Someone asked if I was going to share recipes. I will if people are interested. Food is always a fun subject. I am partial to baked goods with my tea, so I'm sure I can come up with some things to share in that respect. And, please, share your favorites with me. I love to try new recipes and pass them around as well. My husband, Charley, is actually the cook in the house, but I do a lot of the collecting and tasting! We've been a really good team for almost 33 years now. My hips and thighs are living proof of it!

Well, if I've set this all up correctly, you should be seeing this, and then there should be a form to complete to sign up to get the newsletter, free, to your e-mail each month. I'm excited about this new expansion and I hope you will all join me for it. To me it will be a more casual, more intimate sharing of our time and I look forward to it a lot!

Hope to see your subscription!
Judi and the Two Cats!

P.S. If the form doesn't show up within 24 hours, please let me know and I'll fix it. You know how I am with new software and such.

Amazing Autumn Colors for Your Monday!


One of the groups I belong to on Polyvore had a contest for sets involving autumn colors. So I made my sets for here and there as well. So these are not my usual sets. They are a bit fluffy for the contest, but I didn't think you'd mind. Autumn Color Celebration
In this first look, I used rich chocolate brown leggings and an asymmetrical tunic top in a lovely autumn print. I topped it with a sage green cardigan. I added medium chestnut brown pumps and a sage green handbag with brown leather accents. The earrings are ruby to pull some of the color from the tunic. And I topped it all off with a creamy beige colored trench. Lots of lovely autumn color!
Autumn Color Celebration 2
I started with a dark ruddy brown leather pencil skirt and then loosely tucked in a short sleeved, creamy, batwing blouse with fashion sketches on it. I topped that with a cobalt blue cardigan cut long with dolman sleeves. For shoes I chose cobalt suede pumps and the handbag is a leather and woven combination in dark brown and dark beige. The earrings are cobalt blue. As crisp and refreshing as a cool fall morning.
Autumn Color Celebration 3
This third look started with the idea of boots, but I actually chose the high necked, sleeveless sweater dress first. I love the rich ruby color of it. I added a ruby and gold scarf to the neck for accent and gold earrings and cuff bracelet for more gold. I made sure that my gold was a really yellow gold so that it would pull the color from the scarf and sweater. Because I topped it all off with this very golden yellow sweater. Then I added the ruby boots and bag. Not quite the ruby slippers that Dorothy had, but I'll bet they get you home. 

With as much of this tone as I've used lately, you'd think I would wear it a lot. But I really don't. It's one of those colors that I haven't been able to find lately. But I'm looking for it. 1, I like the color, and 2, I look good in it.

The fall palette is so rich that you can't help but be amazing on Monday or any other day of the week!

Hope you had a great weekend. See you tomorrow!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Weekend Forecast is Cozy


The temperatures are supposed to be VERY fall like in my neck of the woods this weekend, so I'm looking for cozy and comfortable clothes. Your Weekend Forecast is Cozy
I show skinny jeans here, but I assure you I'll be in denim leggings for the comfort. A great statement top. An oversized cardigan-cape. Low ankle boots. A structured handbag. And gold hoop earrings. Simple and comfortable. Warm and cozy. Pulled together and casually fashionable. That's what styling is all about.
Your Weekend Forecast is Cozy
Again, skinny jeans. A v-neck top. An oversized cardi. Low heeled ankle boots. Drop earrings. And a hobo style bag. Colors pull it all together. Comfy and casual for the weekend.
Your Weekend Forecast is Cozy
A simple white tee. Skinny jeans. An oversized cardi with a hood. Now that's cozy! Chunky heeled ankle boots with a side tassel. A soft plaid scarf. Drop earrings. A handbag with great hardware. A little more style, but just as cozy and casual.

I hope you all have a cozy and relaxing weekend! See you on Monday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

More Monochromatic Looks for You!


I've got more monochromatic looks for you today. I varied the colors on these though. These are also matched to yummy baked goods! We were having a contest on Polyvore and needed a theme, so that was it! Match the clothes to the yummy food! Hey, I've seen lots worse! Y is for Yum! NEW CONTEST!
I stayed with a buttery cream color for this outfit. The pencil skirt with the slit. The drapey sweater with big cuffs. A scarf at the neck. A chunky boucle knit sweater jacket. Lovely golden drop earrings. Buttery yellow pumps with a bow front and a yellow bag. This all goes very well with Gooey Butter Cookies! The recipe is available on Pinterest on my Yummy Stuff board. These are seriously good cookies. And this is a seriously great looking outfit!

Y is for Yummy! NEW CONTEST!
Genuine Molasses Cookies will get you warm camel and gingery tones. And that's exactly what this knee-length pencil skirt and tuck pleated blouse are. Top it with a soft waterfall cardigan. Add a scarf to the neck and gorgeous ginger toned earrings to your ears. Step into camel perforated pumps and grab a soft camel toned bag with black detailing. Deliciously sweet with some spice, right?

Y is for Yummy! NEW CONTEST!
Cinnamon Pecan Ice Box Cookies sound yummy, too. And they are! Simple to make, too! You mix them up, them make them into a roll and chill. Then you slice them and bake! I like to mix them up and keep them in the freezer. Then I take them out and slice and bake a half dozen at a time. That way we have some to nibble, but we can't overeat!

And here I have a clean slice of ivory with a mock turtle neck and a slight bell sleeve. Drape a scarf at your neck. Pop ivory and gold earrings in your ears. Step into strappy open-toe heels and grab this great structured bag. Nice and easy and looking great! That's stylin'!

All of these recipes are available on Pinterest on my board called Yummy Stuff. Do you have a favorite cookie recipe you'd like to share for the holiday season? I'd love to have it. Share it with me here ( or on Pinterest (

See you tomorrow!
Judi and the Blue Cat (with help from the Black Cat, too!)