Your Weekend Forecast is Laidback and Comfy!

Over50Styling! After all the recent busy and labor intensive weekends, this one should be a little laidback and in comfy clothes. I think we've earned it! But laidback and comfy doesn't have to mean sloppy.  Weekend Forecast
So choose some comfy jeans and a great tunic in gray. This is like the tunic version of your favorite gray t-shirt. Warm it all up with a great plaid shawl. Use a kilt pin to hold things in place if you need to. Step into comfy sneakers in blue and gray to continue the mood. Pop in blue and gray feather earrings for some whimsy. And one should always have a great bag, so try one in blue and Burberry plaid. I said laidback and comfy, not sloppy.

Weekend Forecast
This second one isn't quite as laidback, but it is comfy. Comfy jeans and a beige marl tunic that zips up the side. Add on a creamy cardigan for warmth. Drape a multi-tone scarf around the neck. Step into rosey gold loafers. Pop in rosey gold earrings. And grab a smart leather bag. It definitely gives you options, stay home or go somewhere fun!

Weekend Forecast
And for more options, here's another one. Comfy jeans. A striped cami. And a creamy deep v-neck tunic sweater. Step into creamy patent loafers. Pop in multi-colored earrings for fun. And grab a blue hangbag. See? Comfy, laidback and not sloppy in the least!
That's stylin'!~
Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday when I know you will all be amazing!
Judi and the Blue Cat