What is an Everyday Look? Let's find out in Black and Brown!

Everyday looks can be casual or suitable for the office or somewhere in between. It all depends on what your everyday encompasses. Mine is spending time with the cats and my daughter's dog (when she's visiting) and working on posts to the blog. It's all done right here in my own home, so my days are casual. I used to work in a federal office, eight hours a day, five days a week. We had a dress code and I dressed on the high end of it. So I now have a closet with the bits and pieces of my working wardrobe that didn't translate into my blogging wardrobe. I keep meaning to donate them to the local Good Will store.

So, you see a look in a store, magazine or on my blog and you want to alter it to your Everyday style. It's really fairly simple to do. Almost all looks can be changed to suit a dressier or more casual style. I'll walk you through it with these three outfits. Brown & Black
First, what do we have? Brown velvet jeans, a brown tee and a long black cardi. Light brown seude ankle boots and a two tone handbag. A Burberry plaid scarf and wing earrings. A rich color combination in a mid-range style. A stay-at-home Mom of three might want brown leggings and a shorter cardi with lower ankle boots to spend the day with her children. While the gal who works in an office might want the brown jeans in a dress trouser and the tee in satin. One up and one down.

Let's try another one.
Brown & Black Sophistication

This look is a great one for a working woman. All these dark neutral tones are very sophisticated worn together like this. Working at home, I might exchange the animal print skirt for dark leggings and choose a top with the animal print. I only wear flats, so I'd choose my dark snakeskin ones to go with it. But I'd definitely keep those dramatic earrings and that fab handbag! Someone else might choose dark jeans instead of leggings, as I did. If you don't care for the longer length in sweaters that are so trendy right now, you could opt for a blazer in a dark charcoal or a cardigan.

One more? Okay. You know me, I like threes.

Golden Brown & Black Casual
Well, this would be a great outfit for me with just a change to flats. It would work for a stay-at-home Mom, too, I should think with the change to flats or lower heels. So, let's see how it could go to the office. Black dress slacks would be the first step I would take. You could get away with that plaid shirt in certain offices, but not all. So, a plaid blazer would work instead of the shirt or if you have a dressier blouse in a silky fabric in a plaid or large print.

So, next time you see a great look somewhere, figure out how to make it one of your Everyday looks!
That's stylin'~