Second day looks are only a little less important than the first day outfits!

Over50Styling! Well, how was your first day of school? Were you as excited as your students? Did all the other teachers look great in their first day of school outfits? Now you can kick back and relax. Right?  Well, you can as long as you have tomorrow's outfit chosen and ready to wear. Grey ~ Cocoa ~ Rose Gold
A full pleated gray skirt with a soft cocoa silky blouse is fun. You can wear the off white belt or change it out for a darker one. Top this with a cardi in gray and black mini stripe and a no button front. Slip into soft gray flats with a cute bow tie and grab a nice tan backpack to handle all those teacher-y things! Leaf earrings in rose gold finish the look.
Black ~ Cobalt ~ Teal
A midi skirt in cobalt with a black geometric piping design. A loose black tee shirt with an asymmetrical hem. Blue suede ankle boots. A scarf with a touch of teal. A bracelet with a touch of cobalt. Earrings in shining teal. A black handbag and blue felt fedora complete the look.

Black ~ Gray ~ Ruby
A black and white striped pencil skirt topped by a soft gray blouse. Wrapped in a black kimono jacket. Slip into black print and black patent pumps. Grab a ruby toned bucket bag for the trend. Finish the outfit with earrings, necklace and bracelet in ruby toned jewelry.

Your homework assignment is to prepare your outfits for the rest of the week!
That's stylin'~