Neutrals can be Quiet or Loud. Which way do YOU like them?

Over50Styling! Pale neutrals like grays and beiges are quiet. Even black can be a quiet neutral on its own. How does each look its best? Neutral Stripes
Quiet neutrals look really good with each other. Beige and gray together tend to be classy, as do black and brown. But even at their best, they are quiet looks. They can be fun and funky depending on the accessories you add to them, but they will still tend to be quiet.

The gray maxidress with the striped cardi is definitely quiet. Add classy t-strap heels and the whole outfit gets a class lift, but still quiet. Add in the beige and white striped scarf for a stripe on stripe pattern mix and you still have quiet fun. Even when you add on the black bag with the silver stud patterning, you are quiet. This outfit just stays quiet even when it's as fun as all this! It's all the light neutrals playing together!

Now let's look at LOUD neutrals.
B&W and Lime Pop
Yup, these are loud neutrals all right! Black and white are usually pretty loud even on their own. The black maxidress with the B&W striped cardi is pretty loud. Add in the B&W star handbag and you've got even more volume and fun! Drape the B&W scarf with the lime border and pompoms at the neck and it all gets positively deafening! Pop on the pretty little lime green dangling earrings and step into the great lime pumps and you are rockin' the block! So neutrals can be loud and when you add a little spice, they can be quite boisterous!

Which neutrals look are you today? Are you quiet in the light neutrals? Or are you rockin' in the loud neutrals? Share your look with me @ and I can add a readers fashion show to the end of the post!
That's stylin'!~
Judi and the Blue Cat