Easy Dresses for Your Everyday Look

Today I chose dresses to try out in Everyday Style! Keeping in mind that I normally wear leggings and tunics, doing a dress means I must be feeling especially festive or going somewhere. Untitled #2430
To start with, we have this very simple dress and a short cocoon cardi. Snakeskin slingbacks, gray handbag and bright stone earrings. Those are the basics of the look that need to translate to my look. What are they really? Shapes, one pattern and colors, right? And an overall impression. I could simply go with a longer dress in a similar textured fabric. Or I could do a more dramatic switch. I could go with my gray leggings. My satin blouse and cocoon sweater in this bright berry color. My light gray snakeskin flats. That would keep the colors and the shapes and the one pattern.

What if you don't own any of this bright berry color and don't really want to buy anything new right now? Well, either go with a bright rosy red, hot pink or royal purple tone. Whatever you have that's closest to that. Don't have any snakeskin? Try a solid gray or another subtle gray on gray pattern. Or zebra for a bit snazzier look!

Let's see the second look.
Untitled #2431
Well, this time we have two patterns (stripes on the dress and blots on the bag), two colors (bright blue and gray) and slim shapes. The dress could easily become a top and leggings or a longer version of this dress. Either one would fit into my style nicely. Hmmm, maybe I need to add a new dress to the closet! And switching the heels for flats, either blue or gray is obvious as well. 

But I don't have a fun bag like this anywhere in my closet. I've already got it on my fall wishlist to add something like this to my treasure trove. I'm one of those women who invests in one good bag and carries it year round. I currently carry a Dooney and Bourke Bitsy bag in luggage tan and beige. It's nice and small, but holds everything I need to carry and nothing more. I tend to stuff the world into a bag if it has room and my shoulders and hands don't like that anymore. So I downsized. I stood right there at the counter and tried fitting just what I needed to carry into the bags until I found the one that worked. That's the one I bought. The salewoman told me it would be on sale the next week, but I could prepay and pick it up next week, so that's what I did. I never pass up saving money that way. I'm always nice to saleswomen and it usually pays off. I hear about all sorts of things like sales, new shipments and or stores with great scarf departments!

Okay, one more look.
Untitled #2432
This time it's just the dress shape, two colors (blue and gray), and the pattern from the scarf. Even easier, right? A gray tunic and leggings to replace the dress. Flats to replace the heels. All set!

I don't usually put makeup in my sets, do I. Well, I sat with a group of older women of varying ages the other day and happened to notice that so many of them weren't wearing any lipstick. Even though they were wearing other makeup, they had on no lipstick. I saw chapsticks used by a couple. A few did have on lipstick, in various shades. We got into a discussion, after I mentioned it, about lipstick. There were all sorts of excuses for not having it on. Almost every woman there had her lipstick with her, though. So we all took a good look around the room for the before look. Then we all put our lipstick on and took another look around the room. We all agreed that we should stop being lazy about the lipstick. Several said it was time to go to the store and find the right formula to wear all the time in a great Everyday shade. Several lipsticks were passed around for others to try out right there at the table.

As you get older, your skin thins and fades. It's a fact of life. By wearing lipstick, you make sure that your mouth is defined and visible. If your mouth is defined, you stand a better chance of having people listen to you. That's not the only thing you need going for you, but it does help. Older people complain that they are ignored. Well, stand up and make yourself heard. Literally, stand up as straight as you are able. Wear colors that are bright enough to make you visible. Beige will blend into the wall, so put on a bright scarf if you wear beige. Glasses frames come in great colors these days, wear them. And put on your lipstick Everyday! When you open your bright red mouth, people will listen.

There will be no post on Thursday due to my schedule. Sorry about that. But I will be back here bright and early Friday morning or 8:00 am, whichever comes first. See you Friday!
Judi and the Blue Cat