Did you do your homework for today? I did mine!

Over50Styling! So once you're past the first and second days of school, your clothes seem to take second place to just getting to school and getting the work done. But you still need to look great! So what's the solution?

Organize your closet to begin with. Like items together and everything in good condition. Never wear an item that needs repair. It detracts from how you look. It adds a sloppy factor that you don't want. Hang all your slacks together, blouses together, skirts and so forth. I even color code my closet so that it flows like the color wheel starting with rich reds and running all the way through the rich purples and then to brown/beige and black/gray/white. I hang things on appropriate hangers as well. Slippery items need hangers that will hold them, so think velvet hangers or the ones that have the rubber shoulder insert. This will keep the items on the hanger so that they retain their shape. It keeps things from getting shoulder bumps in inappropriate spots.

The night before, decide what you want to wear based on what is in your closet. Do not get into the habit of washing something at night to wear the next day. That means you are wearing the same items over and over OR it means you aren't keeping up with your laundry. Neither way is a good way to go. Utilize your entire wardrobe. If you don't wear everything in your closet, then perhaps it's time to purge your wardrobe. But that's a topic for a whole different post!Homework 1: C+W+L=A+
Bright cobalt blue trousers. Cobalt and white print blouse. Cobalt sweater. Cobalt ankle boots with a great shaped upper edge. Add a dark green croc bag (this happens to be a Birkin) and earrings that bring in the blue and green to finish your look.Homework 1: P, F, + T = A+
A light pink cami covered in today's fashion news. A light pink oversized sweater. Dark fuchsia trousers. Slide into dark teal suede pumps. Add a fuchsia handbag. A two tone teal pashmina to drape as you like. And earrings and a bracelet in teal as well. A great look that'll get you a great grade!
Homework 1: B+W+Y=A+
Bold B&W plaid trousers. A B&W print top that looks like the print is the weave of the fabric drawn onto it. A gray cardigan with a black front insert of chiffon. Slip into rich golden yellow suede open toed pumps. Grab a pale gray handbag. And finish the look with yellow gold and black hoop earrings. A bold look for a high grade!
That's stylin'~