Are you up for some stripes for today?

You know how much I like stripes, right? I added a couple of items to my wardrobe recently and realized that they all had stripes of one sort or another. So I thought today, I would do assorted stripes and styles since they obviously are on my mind and still very much in the fashion lime light.
 The Autumn of Life is Rich

A lovely border print blouse tucked into a wide striped skirt. Top this with a black kimono style jacket. Step into animal print pumps. Grab a black handbag. And add rose gold earrings. So chic!

Untitled #2416
Start with slim silvery gray trousers. Top with a black and white striped oversized blouse. Add a long pale gray open cardigan. Drape an ombre scarf at your neck. Step into gray snakeskin pumps. Tuck a black and white striped clutch under your arm. Add silver and lucite earrings to finish the look. A long, lean look.

 Untitled #2417
And finally we have stripe on stripe! How can you do that? Well, since they are both tiny stripes, and both blue and gray stripes, they work! It's a matter of scale, proportion. Start with the striped t-shirt maxidress. Top it with the striped cardigan with the lovely lace collar. Note how well the two necklines work together. Step into navy blue ballet flats. Tuck a cutwork clutch under your arm. Pop on blue and purple earrings for sparkle.

I'm sitting here in gray leggings and a gray and white striped oversized top typing this. So, I really do love stripes. This spring they were in all the stores. I shop at JC Penney a lot for basics, and love Liz Claiborne. She did striped tops in all styles and colors. She even did nightshirts in stripes! I went crazy! Throughout the summer, I've bought other items and an awful lot of them have been striped as well. I also love polka dots, but I find them hard to find in the stores!

I'd love to say I'm wearing really great fuchsia suede ballet flats, but those are upstairs on the shoe rack. I'm wearing my sheepskin lined slippers because my feet hurt so much from helping my daughter, Sarah, move! She has her own apartment now. A third floor apartment! Ouch! My feet and hands hurt so much from moving her. But her apartment looks so cute! Now she needs to get some artwork for her walls and she should be done!

Until tomorrow, my friends!
Judi and the Blue Cat!