And a Happy Tuesday to You!


Monday is a stay-at-home day for me, but Tuesday I usually have appointments; because it's my day to have the car. So, I typically look a bit more dressed up on Tuesday than I do on any other day of the week. I chose these looks, leggings and tunics with cardigans, that look a bit dressier. There's really nothing dressy about them other than the prints in the tops and the way I put them together (styling). Really, they are just leggings with tunics and a cardigan. B&B with Cherry Blossoms
This first one is done with designer leggings that are a tuxedo style. That's why these look so nice. And the top is a short sleeved tunic top with pockets set into the piecing of the bottom. The line of tunics is called White Stuff and if you see the bottom piecing, it means there are pockets in the tunic. I'm a pockets person; love to have them! This is topped with an ombre sky blue to navy waterfall cardigan. Black suede pumps with gold metal heels add some to the dressier feel. As do the dainty sky blue and gold dangly earrings. The black and blue star bag adds the note of fun that I like in an outfit.
B&G with Yellow Dots
This second outfit in black, gray and yellow is another fun one. It's fun because of the yellow. It's dressy because of the styles that come together and make a smart look, the heels, the handbag, the tunic. Steel gray leggings. A yellow tunic with white polka dots. Another White Stuff tunic with pockets! Top this with a colorblocked waterfall cardigan in black and gray. Add the feel of more dots with the circular earrings in yellow. More fun! The gray heels have a bright yellow sole that shows when wearing the shoes, and that certainly adds a bit of flash. The bag is colorblocked in black, white and yellow and styled in a rather formal style. So that adds fun and formality to the whole outfit.
C&N with Leaves
Navy blue leggings. These seem difficult to find for some reason. I can find black, gray, denim and lots of prints, especially animal prints. But I seem to be having trouble finding solids like navy, brown, burgundy, or olive. Top the leggings with another White Stuff tunic. This one also has pockets, and it's just as neat and tidy as the others. A very attractive fall print in cranberry, taupe and navy. Top this with a navy asymmetric waterfall cardi. Great cranberry heels add to the look. And the bag is neat and smart in navy and black. The earrings are in navy blue stones and gold and add the final touch to this look.

So there you have it. Little touches that bring the look just a bit above the stay-at-home look. I think it has to do with the fact that the tunics are neat and tidy. They are fashioned in styles that hold their shape. No sloppiness with these tops. The cardigans are of firm knits that also hold their shape well, rather than getting messy. All the outfits are paired with heels, but they would look well with nice flats, too. The bags are classy and have their own appeal. None of them disappear into the background. And with each look, I have added only earrings that compliment some aspect of the outfit. Each outfit is a clean, spare look that is very pulled together. If you don't care to wear leggings, then slim cut trousers could be substituted for them in each of the outfits.