Midweek Monochrome


Last week felt like it flew by, but this week feels like it's creeping ever so slowly. And it's not like I don't have enough to keep me busy! In addition to doing the things I need to keep the blog going, I've had to get the washing machine repair man in, keep a doctor's appointment, redo the silk flower arrangements in the living room, and referee several fights between Blue Cat and Black Cat. And it's only Wednesday!

Today, I'm feeling monochrome in burgundy. So, I have three ways to do that for you. Two skirts and one trouser outfit. I suppose I should be calling it Marsala for the Pantone Color of the Year. But most of these items are more burgundy, cranberry or wine in tone. Marsala is really a reddish brown tone.

Start with a tee covered in birds. Tuck it into an asymmetrical skirt of mixed fibers.Warm it up with a waffle knit cardi with no buttons. Wrap your neck with a plaid scarf. Pop in spherical earrings. Step into strappy stilettos. And grab a great structured bag. You're stepping out in style! Monochromatic style!
And here we have the trousers, skinny trousers. Top them with a tee in a lighter shade of our main color. Warm it all up with an oversized, chunky knit sweater. Step into ankle boots. Drape a fabulous scarf at your neck. Pop in teardrop earrings. And grab a bucket bag for trend.
And finally, start with a leather skirt that stops at the knee. Top it with an oversized, thin, sparkle knit sweater. Drape a lovely, tone-on-tone scarf at your neck. Step into shiny patent t-strap heels. Pop on triple drop stone earrings. And grab a suede cross-body bag.

Three ways to wear one color with flare! Do you do monochromatic? What's your favorite color to do it with?

Judi and the Blue Cat

And a Happy Tuesday to You!


Monday is a stay-at-home day for me, but Tuesday I usually have appointments; because it's my day to have the car. So, I typically look a bit more dressed up on Tuesday than I do on any other day of the week. I chose these looks, leggings and tunics with cardigans, that look a bit dressier. There's really nothing dressy about them other than the prints in the tops and the way I put them together (styling). Really, they are just leggings with tunics and a cardigan. B&B with Cherry Blossoms
This first one is done with designer leggings that are a tuxedo style. That's why these look so nice. And the top is a short sleeved tunic top with pockets set into the piecing of the bottom. The line of tunics is called White Stuff and if you see the bottom piecing, it means there are pockets in the tunic. I'm a pockets person; love to have them! This is topped with an ombre sky blue to navy waterfall cardigan. Black suede pumps with gold metal heels add some to the dressier feel. As do the dainty sky blue and gold dangly earrings. The black and blue star bag adds the note of fun that I like in an outfit.
B&G with Yellow Dots
This second outfit in black, gray and yellow is another fun one. It's fun because of the yellow. It's dressy because of the styles that come together and make a smart look, the heels, the handbag, the tunic. Steel gray leggings. A yellow tunic with white polka dots. Another White Stuff tunic with pockets! Top this with a colorblocked waterfall cardigan in black and gray. Add the feel of more dots with the circular earrings in yellow. More fun! The gray heels have a bright yellow sole that shows when wearing the shoes, and that certainly adds a bit of flash. The bag is colorblocked in black, white and yellow and styled in a rather formal style. So that adds fun and formality to the whole outfit.
C&N with Leaves
Navy blue leggings. These seem difficult to find for some reason. I can find black, gray, denim and lots of prints, especially animal prints. But I seem to be having trouble finding solids like navy, brown, burgundy, or olive. Top the leggings with another White Stuff tunic. This one also has pockets, and it's just as neat and tidy as the others. A very attractive fall print in cranberry, taupe and navy. Top this with a navy asymmetric waterfall cardi. Great cranberry heels add to the look. And the bag is neat and smart in navy and black. The earrings are in navy blue stones and gold and add the final touch to this look.

So there you have it. Little touches that bring the look just a bit above the stay-at-home look. I think it has to do with the fact that the tunics are neat and tidy. They are fashioned in styles that hold their shape. No sloppiness with these tops. The cardigans are of firm knits that also hold their shape well, rather than getting messy. All the outfits are paired with heels, but they would look well with nice flats, too. The bags are classy and have their own appeal. None of them disappear into the background. And with each look, I have added only earrings that compliment some aspect of the outfit. Each outfit is a clean, spare look that is very pulled together. If you don't care to wear leggings, then slim cut trousers could be substituted for them in each of the outfits.

Welcome to the First Week of Autumn and Autumn Color!

Over50Styling! Welcome back from your weekend! I hope you had a relaxing one. Mine wasn't as laidback as it was supposed to be, but something always comes up. Doesn't it? Well let's take a look at today's three outfits with fall color. Untitled #2449
This first one starts with taupe leggings tucked into pale taupe ankle boots with a fringed cuff. The tunic blouse looks like fall leaves as seen with the sun shining through them. Add a scarf in orange to pump up the color palette. Top that with a moto style jacket in an orange-y tone. Pop in pretty orange and green stud earrings and grab a structured green handbag. What a lovely fall look!
Untitled #2450
Next, there's dark brown leggings tucked into cinnamon colored boots with lots of fringe on the cuff. Top this with an orange tunic and a scarf in dark chocolate. Warm it all up with a beige long buttonless cardi to snuggle into. Pop in great orange earrings and grab a great brown bag with belts and buckles. This is a little bit of a boho look due to the cut of the top with its slight bell sleeves and neckline and the fringed boots. Adding a couple of necklaces would make it even more boho if you wanted to play up the look.
Untitled #2451
And, finally, is this great look! Suede leggings tucked into orange suede ankle boots. Top these with an orange tunic with a cowl neckline. Warm it all up with this cashmere blend tied-died buttonless cardigan. Pop in pretty little orange earrings and grab this great taupe handbag. Three great ways to wear the colors of fall and look amazing today!
That's stylin'!~
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Weekend Forecast is Laidback and Comfy!

Over50Styling! After all the recent busy and labor intensive weekends, this one should be a little laidback and in comfy clothes. I think we've earned it! But laidback and comfy doesn't have to mean sloppy.  Weekend Forecast
So choose some comfy jeans and a great tunic in gray. This is like the tunic version of your favorite gray t-shirt. Warm it all up with a great plaid shawl. Use a kilt pin to hold things in place if you need to. Step into comfy sneakers in blue and gray to continue the mood. Pop in blue and gray feather earrings for some whimsy. And one should always have a great bag, so try one in blue and Burberry plaid. I said laidback and comfy, not sloppy.

Weekend Forecast
This second one isn't quite as laidback, but it is comfy. Comfy jeans and a beige marl tunic that zips up the side. Add on a creamy cardigan for warmth. Drape a multi-tone scarf around the neck. Step into rosey gold loafers. Pop in rosey gold earrings. And grab a smart leather bag. It definitely gives you options, stay home or go somewhere fun!

Weekend Forecast
And for more options, here's another one. Comfy jeans. A striped cami. And a creamy deep v-neck tunic sweater. Step into creamy patent loafers. Pop in multi-colored earrings for fun. And grab a blue hangbag. See? Comfy, laidback and not sloppy in the least!
That's stylin'!~
Enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday when I know you will all be amazing!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Three for Thursday!

Over50Styling! Seems like this week has flown past! Here it is Thursday already and almost the weekend. So today I have some colorful looks for you. This first one is fun! For some reason I keep thinking of Musketeers when I look at it! But I like Musketeers, so I guess that's not so bad. Adventure...
It definitely makes me want to go off on an adventure! Burgundy leggings tucked into tall black suede boots. A burgundy tunic with black dots and bell sleeves. A black pashmina draped at the neck. Top this with a burgundy and black quilted jacket and a black felt wide brimmed hat. Pop on burgundy tassel earrings to swing at your every move. Grab a great black bag. What adventure are you off to?

Untitled #2447
The write-up on the earrings called the color black cherry, and I really like that. So, I'm calling the color black cherry for this outfit. Olive leggings tucked into black cherry ankle booties. Top them with an ivory blouse with a large black cherry and olive flower print. Wrap this with an olive jacket trimmed with black edging. Pop in black cherry earrings and grab an olive bag. This isn't an outfit to sit still in, either!

Untitled #2448
Start with medium brown leggings and a tunic in a fall forest scene. Warm it all up with a light green car coat. Step into light orange suede pumps. Pop on gold leaf dangly earrings. And grab a luggage tan quilted bag. Again, an outfit to be doing in!
That's stylin'!~
Judi and the Blue Cat

What's in YOUR make-up case?

Over50Beauty! What do you carry in your make-up case? Do you carry a make-up case? Truly, I don't. I carry my Burt's Bees and a couple of lip products with me in a little pocket of my handbag. That's it. If I have make-up on, it's not for fiddling with during the day. It's on to stay. I don't mess with it while I'm away from home. Honestly, I don't live that sort of life that I need to touch up my make-up between events. Nor do I wear that type of make-up. My WarPaint in the Bag
What you see here is really what I have in the medicine cabinet for my whole make-up routine. I put dots of Ponds Luminous Finish BB+ Cream in Light around my face and blend with a Beauty Blender. I have a hot pink one so I can always find it in the medicine cabinet. Then I swipe IT Cosmetics Hello Light Creme Luminizer under my eyes, across the tops of my cheekbones, down the center of my nose and on the tip of my chin. I put dots of tarte natural beauty cheek stain on the apples of my cheeks. Then, using the Beauty Blender, I blend these two products. I blend the cheek stain up towards my temples. The luminizer, I simply blend the edges so that there're no hard lines. I outline my lips with Revlon ColorStay Lipliner in natural and then apply Rimmel Moisture Renew in To Nude or Not To Nude. The lipliner keeps the lipstick from bleeding and the natural color doesn't show. That's the full warpaint routine and it takes about seven minutes start to finish, including putting everything away and washing my hands. On days that I don't feel like wearing real lipstick, I use one of the tarte lip tints. They are fat pencils and are easy to apply on the go. I always carry my Burt's Bees with me to keep my lips from getting dry.

I don't use powders, because I do have some fine lines. Powders tend to emphasize wrinkles and lines and make them look worse. I also don't wear a matte lipstick because my lips are the most wrinkled part of me and I don't want to draw attention to that fact. I'm not ashamed of my age and how I look, but I also don't feel that I want to point out what time has done to me. Make-up is supposed to make you look your best, right? Well, products that point out the effects of aging, don't seem to be doing their job properly. Why would you want to point these things out? If a bit of concealer and foundation can cover age spots on your face, is that a bad thing? I'm not saying plaster it on with a spackle knife. But light make-up can blend aging in so that what people see is YOU instead of spots and lines. I am by no means an advocate of heavy make-up. Leave that for the stage. I go without make-up a lot more than I wear make-up. So when I do wear make-up, I wear it lightly. I don't want it to appear as a mask. It should enhance your looks.

How do you take care of your skin? And for this, I'm talking about your face, neck and upper chest. For years, I've used the same products - Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Brightening Scrub and Daily Moisturizer and they did what I needed them to do. My skin stayed clear and fresh. A few years ago, I tried Aveeno Positively Ageless Resurfacing Scrub and decided that I liked that even better for my skin, which I noticed was starting to change. I was hitting  my mid-50s. I started to realize I needed to pay closer attention. Things had changed and I wasn't keeping up with the changes. Already my lips had a wreath of wrinkles around them and lipstick didn't want to stay on my lips. It bled into those awful lines. Those lines weren't attractive full of lipstick. And I started trying all sorts of things to soften the effect.

I have finally come to the conclusion that I really do need a good night cream. The light Aveeno moisturizer simply isn't enough. It may be okay for the daytime, but I needed to start (over-due) a nighttime routine. So what I am currently trying is this: L'Oreal Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Glow Renewal and Clarins Double Serum [Hydric & Lypidic System] Complete Age Control Concentrate intensified by the use of the JeNu ultrasound system. I also use the JeNu Lip Serum to help my lip wrinkles, since that is my worst wrinkle site. 

I am by no means heavily wrinkled. I have the wrinkles around my lips and a little sagging in the chin area. I also have a few fine lines between my eyes. I think one of the most aging things for me, is that I was always fair skinned and have problems with sun exposure. I haven't been out in the sun in years and have really lost my coloring. So the fading due to aging has really made me pasty. I really should dot on a bit of cheek color on a daily basis to give my face just a touch of color so that people know I'm alive. Yes, even I get lazy! My gray hair is a silvery gray, of which I am very glad. But with my pale face, it's quite a wash-out! And, I wear a lot of gray! Remember what I said yesterday about quiet neutrals? Well, my cheeks need some noise! So, I guess I better stop being quiet about it and get with it starting tomorrow morning!

What is your make-up and skin care routine? What works for you? Share your secrets! +Judi E. Easley 

Judi and the Blue Cat

Neutrals can be Quiet or Loud. Which way do YOU like them?

Over50Styling! Pale neutrals like grays and beiges are quiet. Even black can be a quiet neutral on its own. How does each look its best? Neutral Stripes
Quiet neutrals look really good with each other. Beige and gray together tend to be classy, as do black and brown. But even at their best, they are quiet looks. They can be fun and funky depending on the accessories you add to them, but they will still tend to be quiet.

The gray maxidress with the striped cardi is definitely quiet. Add classy t-strap heels and the whole outfit gets a class lift, but still quiet. Add in the beige and white striped scarf for a stripe on stripe pattern mix and you still have quiet fun. Even when you add on the black bag with the silver stud patterning, you are quiet. This outfit just stays quiet even when it's as fun as all this! It's all the light neutrals playing together!

Now let's look at LOUD neutrals.
B&W and Lime Pop
Yup, these are loud neutrals all right! Black and white are usually pretty loud even on their own. The black maxidress with the B&W striped cardi is pretty loud. Add in the B&W star handbag and you've got even more volume and fun! Drape the B&W scarf with the lime border and pompoms at the neck and it all gets positively deafening! Pop on the pretty little lime green dangling earrings and step into the great lime pumps and you are rockin' the block! So neutrals can be loud and when you add a little spice, they can be quite boisterous!

Which neutrals look are you today? Are you quiet in the light neutrals? Or are you rockin' in the loud neutrals? Share your look with me @ judieasley@gmail.com and I can add a readers fashion show to the end of the post!
That's stylin'!~
Judi and the Blue Cat

Amazing Looks for Your Monday!

Over50Styling! Good morning Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to have an amazing Monday. I have three great dress looks for you this morning that will take you anywhere you want to go. Coffee au Lait
This first one I'm sending off for coffee with a friend since that's what it's color reminds me of. That lovely satiny finish is pretty awesome, too. But it's the style that I really like so much. It has that wonderful bateau neckline that is so easy to wear and accessorize if you want to, dolman sleeves, elasticized waist to a smooth straight skirt. It could only be better if it had pockets, but no dress is perfect! So, I've paired it with a two-toned scarf and two-toned pumps in similar shades and added an off-white bag. The earrings are a sparkly version of the same tone. What a look!

Books with Hidden Interests
Next is a book club meeting look! A gray sweater dress with the sleeves tied at the waist and topped with a dark chocolate shrug. Step into gray and brown tone open-toed heels and grab a rusty red croc clutch. Pretty gold and rust toned sparkly earrings add just the finishing touch. All in neutral tones that work to make a great sophisticated artsy look!

And the third one...
Shopping in the Bag
Off to the shops in navy, ivory and gold. The v-neck sweater dress in navy is classic and comfy. Drape it with a tone on tone ivory scarf. Tone on tone ivory pumps with just a touch of gold and an ivory tote to carry the small purchases. Pop in nice gold hoops and you're set to go!

Don't forget that it's about time to start your Christmas shopping, at least it is here in the US. Sarah's birthday was Friday and that's what usually makes me start thinking about my holiday shopping. I ask everyone what they want and it always takes forever to get a response. Then I end up trying to come as close as possible to fulfilling their wishes. There are also the things that I just can't not buy for each one and the things they must have that they won't buy for themselves. I love to shop for my loved ones at Christmas!

So, where ever you're going, here's a look for you to work with!
That's stylin'~

Your Weekend Forecast is Style!

It's Friday and of course, I have denim outfits for you. Since we discussed how to change outfits from a blog or magazine into your Everyday Look, I would imagine you will have no trouble translating these denim looks into your Everyday Look. Right? Though I always thought denim was a universal language. Am I right on that? Weekend Forecast is Style!
Does this look need any translating for you? Skinny jeans with a high necked 3/4 sleeved top. A long sleeveless cardi and an ombre scarf. Character stiletto heels. A fab handbag and sparkly earrings. Now what needs changing to fit your Everyday Look?

And what about this look?
Weekend Forecast...
Any translation needed here? White skinny jeans with a high-low tunic shirt. Matching pumps and a gray handbag. Great sparkly earrings and bracelet. I'll bet you had no trouble with making this into your Everyday Look!

And this last one?
Weekend Forecast...
Skinny blue jeans and a cross-over 3/4 sleeved top. A plaid 3/4 sleeved waterfall jacket. Red strappy shoes with chunky heels and a B&W handbag. Red wool beret, sparkly heart earrings and gold decorated sunnies. Now, I know you don't need any help translating that into your own Everyday Look. But...
that's stylin'!~

Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you Monday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Easy Dresses for Your Everyday Look

Today I chose dresses to try out in Everyday Style! Keeping in mind that I normally wear leggings and tunics, doing a dress means I must be feeling especially festive or going somewhere. Untitled #2430
To start with, we have this very simple dress and a short cocoon cardi. Snakeskin slingbacks, gray handbag and bright stone earrings. Those are the basics of the look that need to translate to my look. What are they really? Shapes, one pattern and colors, right? And an overall impression. I could simply go with a longer dress in a similar textured fabric. Or I could do a more dramatic switch. I could go with my gray leggings. My satin blouse and cocoon sweater in this bright berry color. My light gray snakeskin flats. That would keep the colors and the shapes and the one pattern.

What if you don't own any of this bright berry color and don't really want to buy anything new right now? Well, either go with a bright rosy red, hot pink or royal purple tone. Whatever you have that's closest to that. Don't have any snakeskin? Try a solid gray or another subtle gray on gray pattern. Or zebra for a bit snazzier look!

Let's see the second look.
Untitled #2431
Well, this time we have two patterns (stripes on the dress and blots on the bag), two colors (bright blue and gray) and slim shapes. The dress could easily become a top and leggings or a longer version of this dress. Either one would fit into my style nicely. Hmmm, maybe I need to add a new dress to the closet! And switching the heels for flats, either blue or gray is obvious as well. 

But I don't have a fun bag like this anywhere in my closet. I've already got it on my fall wishlist to add something like this to my treasure trove. I'm one of those women who invests in one good bag and carries it year round. I currently carry a Dooney and Bourke Bitsy bag in luggage tan and beige. It's nice and small, but holds everything I need to carry and nothing more. I tend to stuff the world into a bag if it has room and my shoulders and hands don't like that anymore. So I downsized. I stood right there at the counter and tried fitting just what I needed to carry into the bags until I found the one that worked. That's the one I bought. The salewoman told me it would be on sale the next week, but I could prepay and pick it up next week, so that's what I did. I never pass up saving money that way. I'm always nice to saleswomen and it usually pays off. I hear about all sorts of things like sales, new shipments and or stores with great scarf departments!

Okay, one more look.
Untitled #2432
This time it's just the dress shape, two colors (blue and gray), and the pattern from the scarf. Even easier, right? A gray tunic and leggings to replace the dress. Flats to replace the heels. All set!

I don't usually put makeup in my sets, do I. Well, I sat with a group of older women of varying ages the other day and happened to notice that so many of them weren't wearing any lipstick. Even though they were wearing other makeup, they had on no lipstick. I saw chapsticks used by a couple. A few did have on lipstick, in various shades. We got into a discussion, after I mentioned it, about lipstick. There were all sorts of excuses for not having it on. Almost every woman there had her lipstick with her, though. So we all took a good look around the room for the before look. Then we all put our lipstick on and took another look around the room. We all agreed that we should stop being lazy about the lipstick. Several said it was time to go to the store and find the right formula to wear all the time in a great Everyday shade. Several lipsticks were passed around for others to try out right there at the table.

As you get older, your skin thins and fades. It's a fact of life. By wearing lipstick, you make sure that your mouth is defined and visible. If your mouth is defined, you stand a better chance of having people listen to you. That's not the only thing you need going for you, but it does help. Older people complain that they are ignored. Well, stand up and make yourself heard. Literally, stand up as straight as you are able. Wear colors that are bright enough to make you visible. Beige will blend into the wall, so put on a bright scarf if you wear beige. Glasses frames come in great colors these days, wear them. And put on your lipstick Everyday! When you open your bright red mouth, people will listen.

There will be no post on Thursday due to my schedule. Sorry about that. But I will be back here bright and early Friday morning or 8:00 am, whichever comes first. See you Friday!
Judi and the Blue Cat 

What is an Everyday Look? Let's find out in Black and Brown!

Everyday looks can be casual or suitable for the office or somewhere in between. It all depends on what your everyday encompasses. Mine is spending time with the cats and my daughter's dog (when she's visiting) and working on posts to the blog. It's all done right here in my own home, so my days are casual. I used to work in a federal office, eight hours a day, five days a week. We had a dress code and I dressed on the high end of it. So I now have a closet with the bits and pieces of my working wardrobe that didn't translate into my blogging wardrobe. I keep meaning to donate them to the local Good Will store.

So, you see a look in a store, magazine or on my blog and you want to alter it to your Everyday style. It's really fairly simple to do. Almost all looks can be changed to suit a dressier or more casual style. I'll walk you through it with these three outfits. Brown & Black
First, what do we have? Brown velvet jeans, a brown tee and a long black cardi. Light brown seude ankle boots and a two tone handbag. A Burberry plaid scarf and wing earrings. A rich color combination in a mid-range style. A stay-at-home Mom of three might want brown leggings and a shorter cardi with lower ankle boots to spend the day with her children. While the gal who works in an office might want the brown jeans in a dress trouser and the tee in satin. One up and one down.

Let's try another one.
Brown & Black Sophistication

This look is a great one for a working woman. All these dark neutral tones are very sophisticated worn together like this. Working at home, I might exchange the animal print skirt for dark leggings and choose a top with the animal print. I only wear flats, so I'd choose my dark snakeskin ones to go with it. But I'd definitely keep those dramatic earrings and that fab handbag! Someone else might choose dark jeans instead of leggings, as I did. If you don't care for the longer length in sweaters that are so trendy right now, you could opt for a blazer in a dark charcoal or a cardigan.

One more? Okay. You know me, I like threes.

Golden Brown & Black Casual
Well, this would be a great outfit for me with just a change to flats. It would work for a stay-at-home Mom, too, I should think with the change to flats or lower heels. So, let's see how it could go to the office. Black dress slacks would be the first step I would take. You could get away with that plaid shirt in certain offices, but not all. So, a plaid blazer would work instead of the shirt or if you have a dressier blouse in a silky fabric in a plaid or large print.

So, next time you see a great look somewhere, figure out how to make it one of your Everyday looks!
That's stylin'~

Top o' the Morning to You!

Over50Styling! Are you ready for another amazing Monday? I've got three great and easy looks for you. Shirtdresses are easy to pull together for amazing looks! Top o' the Morning to You!
This olive green shirtdress has a self belt. You can wear that or change it out for one of your own. Either dark brown leather or gold would work with this color palette. Step into great brown pumps. Grab a fab dark brown bag. Drape a colorful scarf at your neck and pop in pretty gold hoops. Wear ones that are substantial so that they stand out. An easy and amazing look for anything you want to do today!
Monday Blues
This look starts with B&W checks in a self belted shirtdress. Again, you can wear it with this belt, or change it out for a silver, blue or black one. Step into fabulous tri-toned pumps. Grab a great black bucket bag. Tie a blue print scarf around your neck and pop some large silver hoops in your ears for flash. And, again, don't choose skinny hoops. You want substantial ones so that they show up. You'll be turning heads in this outfit.
Monday Morning
This is the easiest one, yet. The pretty plaid shirtdress. This one has no belt, but you could add one. Ruby red? Ruby suede T-strap pumps. A dark navy handbag. And ruby red heart earrings for another pop of color. And you're out the door on another adventure!

Have an amazing Monday!
Judi and the Blue Cat

Your Weekend Forecast is Blue

Over50Styling! Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun planned for the weekend! I don't have any fun planned, but hopefully it'll be a quiet one. Your Forecast is Blue
So slip on a comfy pair of jeans and a cami. Top it with an oversized shirt with rolled up sleeves. Step into pretty little ballet flats. Pop on some pretty chandelier earrings. Grab a bright handbag and go have coffee with a friend. Enjoy the moment!
Your Weekend Forecast is Blue, Two
Slip into a pair of comfy jeans and a pretty print cami. Top it with a swingy open front cardi. Step into neat suede pumps. Pop on great sparkly chandelier earrings. Grab a tote style handbag. And pick up a friend to shop with! Take pictures of each other in outrageous outfits in the dressing rooms and have fun!
Your Weekend Forecast is Blue
Slip into comfy jeans and a bright chiffon blouse. Top it with a patterned kimono style cardigan sweater. Step into two toned flats with bows. Pop in killer earrings. Grab a cute kitty bag. And take  in an exhibit at the local museum then browse and shop in the museum shop.

That's a weekend for you! Enjoy!
Judi and the Blue Cat!

Are you up for some stripes for today?

You know how much I like stripes, right? I added a couple of items to my wardrobe recently and realized that they all had stripes of one sort or another. So I thought today, I would do assorted stripes and styles since they obviously are on my mind and still very much in the fashion lime light.
 The Autumn of Life is Rich

A lovely border print blouse tucked into a wide striped skirt. Top this with a black kimono style jacket. Step into animal print pumps. Grab a black handbag. And add rose gold earrings. So chic!

Untitled #2416
Start with slim silvery gray trousers. Top with a black and white striped oversized blouse. Add a long pale gray open cardigan. Drape an ombre scarf at your neck. Step into gray snakeskin pumps. Tuck a black and white striped clutch under your arm. Add silver and lucite earrings to finish the look. A long, lean look.

 Untitled #2417
And finally we have stripe on stripe! How can you do that? Well, since they are both tiny stripes, and both blue and gray stripes, they work! It's a matter of scale, proportion. Start with the striped t-shirt maxidress. Top it with the striped cardigan with the lovely lace collar. Note how well the two necklines work together. Step into navy blue ballet flats. Tuck a cutwork clutch under your arm. Pop on blue and purple earrings for sparkle.

I'm sitting here in gray leggings and a gray and white striped oversized top typing this. So, I really do love stripes. This spring they were in all the stores. I shop at JC Penney a lot for basics, and love Liz Claiborne. She did striped tops in all styles and colors. She even did nightshirts in stripes! I went crazy! Throughout the summer, I've bought other items and an awful lot of them have been striped as well. I also love polka dots, but I find them hard to find in the stores!

I'd love to say I'm wearing really great fuchsia suede ballet flats, but those are upstairs on the shoe rack. I'm wearing my sheepskin lined slippers because my feet hurt so much from helping my daughter, Sarah, move! She has her own apartment now. A third floor apartment! Ouch! My feet and hands hurt so much from moving her. But her apartment looks so cute! Now she needs to get some artwork for her walls and she should be done!

Until tomorrow, my friends!
Judi and the Blue Cat!

...but you bought a yellow sofa and everything changed!

...but you bought a yellow sofa and everything changed!
This is sort of what Sarah's apartment looks like. At least this is the feel of it. We bought used tables at Salvation Army stores and refinished them in the green. Her sofa and love seat are the yellow. And her curtains are the blue, or will be once they get hung. She needs a rod for them and hasn't picked one out yet. The walls are white and the carpet is light beige.

Zac Posen Style


Good Morning! It looks like an amazing Monday to me!

Over50Styling! Yes, it's Monday again. How the weekend does fly! Are you ready to look amazing today? I chose three pencil skirt looks for today. I looked for skirts that were a little bit different. Good Morning!
This first skirt is a tulle overlay covered with polka dots. Dots on dots! I topped it with a white blouse, a long sleeved asymmetrical tunic top. And I pinned that with a colorful rooster pin. All you need to complete this look is the red suede and gold metal pumps and the black and gold clutch with chain strap. A clean, crisp look for a Monday. You look amazing!
Autumn Teal
This look started from the scarf, teal, green, and yellow. A teal blouse over a teal, blue and black boucle skirt. Top this with a long black sleeveless blazer to create a long, lean look. Teal suede ankle boots. A grayed teal clutch. The awesome scarf to drape any way you wish. Teal and green earrings to add some shine. Yup, you are amazing!
Natural Beauty
The third look starts with this picture blocked skirt. Add a creamy crossover blouse and a sweater in a matching tone. Toss on a green scarf to play with. Step into iridescent green-blue kitten heel pumps. Grab a great navy blue bag. And pop on green and beige stud earrings and a green and pink ring for sparkle. Did I hear amazing? Of course.
That's stylin'~

Does your school allow teachers to wear jeans?

Over50Styling! Does your school allow you to wear jeans in your role as a teacher? More schools are getting to that point. They are relaxing the dress code rules. Often it's a Dress Down Friday event, but some schools allow the teachers to do it any day of the week. Some schools even do it as a fundraiser and the teachers have to pay a $1 to be able to wear jeans on certain days, usually a Friday. Well, I have three jeans looks for those of you who are allowed to wear jeans to school. For those of you who aren't, this is your weekend forecast for a great weekend following your first week of back to school! Making it look good! Homework 3 or Weekend?

For work, distressed jeans are not appropriate even though they are very trendy. Your jeans should be clean and neat and whole. Wear the style that best suits your body type. And wear a medium to dark wash. A light wash is too casual for school. Save those for the weekend.

Medium wash jeans. A red tee with a long handkerchief hem. An off-white cropped cardi. Red, white, and blue? Nope! Let's make it pop! Slip into golden yellow suede pumps. Grab a great red handbag. Pop on multicolor earrings for flare! This is one that makes the grade!

Homework 3 or Weekend?
Medium wash jeans. A hot pink cami. Wear one that is cut conservatively and doesn't look like lingerie. Alternatives are a tank, tee, or shell. Teal and cream striped oversized cardigan. Step into teal sling back heels. Grab a teal tote style bag. And for fun and flare, pop on great parrot earrings! If this doesn't make the grade, nothing will!
Homework 3 or Weekend?
Medium wash jeans. A fuchsia top with a cowl neckline and 3/4 sleeves. Top that with a black cardigan that's almost capelike in its cut. Step into fuchsia flats with a black bow. Grab a black suede bag. Add fuchsia and green earrings for shine!

With these three looks, you're either top of the class or having a fabulous weekend. Or maybe both! Whichever it is, enjoy!
That's stylin'~

Be sure to send me your class picture to judieasley@gmail.com

What will you wear Thursday for school?

Over50Styling! Here it is Thursday, and the routine is starting to feel a bit like a routine again. Lots of compliments on this week's outfits, too! Let's see if we can keep that going! Homework 2: B+C=A+
An abstract print pencil skirt and a black fashion statement tee. Top with a cobalt cardi. Slip into color blocked ankle boots. Grab a great black tote style bag. Pop on some cobalt earrings to finish this look.
Homework 2: T+P=A+

Light tan trousers and an abstract print blouse in purples. Top with a light leather like jacket. Slip into tan slingbacks and grab a tan and violet shoulder bag. Add purple earrings for a bit more color.Homework 2: B+G+L=A+
Black skinny trousers and a long gray split side tunic. Top with a denim jacket with the sleeves pushed up. Slip into black and leopard color blocked pumps. Grab a dark taupe and gold bag. Add an animal print scarf and black and gold earrings for flare.

These three looks will get you top marks for the day. And lots of compliments, too!
That's stylin'~ 

Did you do your homework for today? I did mine!

Over50Styling! So once you're past the first and second days of school, your clothes seem to take second place to just getting to school and getting the work done. But you still need to look great! So what's the solution?

Organize your closet to begin with. Like items together and everything in good condition. Never wear an item that needs repair. It detracts from how you look. It adds a sloppy factor that you don't want. Hang all your slacks together, blouses together, skirts and so forth. I even color code my closet so that it flows like the color wheel starting with rich reds and running all the way through the rich purples and then to brown/beige and black/gray/white. I hang things on appropriate hangers as well. Slippery items need hangers that will hold them, so think velvet hangers or the ones that have the rubber shoulder insert. This will keep the items on the hanger so that they retain their shape. It keeps things from getting shoulder bumps in inappropriate spots.

The night before, decide what you want to wear based on what is in your closet. Do not get into the habit of washing something at night to wear the next day. That means you are wearing the same items over and over OR it means you aren't keeping up with your laundry. Neither way is a good way to go. Utilize your entire wardrobe. If you don't wear everything in your closet, then perhaps it's time to purge your wardrobe. But that's a topic for a whole different post!Homework 1: C+W+L=A+
Bright cobalt blue trousers. Cobalt and white print blouse. Cobalt sweater. Cobalt ankle boots with a great shaped upper edge. Add a dark green croc bag (this happens to be a Birkin) and earrings that bring in the blue and green to finish your look.Homework 1: P, F, + T = A+
A light pink cami covered in today's fashion news. A light pink oversized sweater. Dark fuchsia trousers. Slide into dark teal suede pumps. Add a fuchsia handbag. A two tone teal pashmina to drape as you like. And earrings and a bracelet in teal as well. A great look that'll get you a great grade!
Homework 1: B+W+Y=A+
Bold B&W plaid trousers. A B&W print top that looks like the print is the weave of the fabric drawn onto it. A gray cardigan with a black front insert of chiffon. Slip into rich golden yellow suede open toed pumps. Grab a pale gray handbag. And finish the look with yellow gold and black hoop earrings. A bold look for a high grade!
That's stylin'~