Two Ways to Wear a Slip Dress Without The Reveal


The little slip dress that should be so easy to wear, but isn't. Hmmm. It can be again. Let's face it, as we age, the upper arms and bust area aren't necessarily the prettiest part of our bodies. Our body chemistry changes and the skin and muscles change. Exercise and lotions can only do so much. But that little black slip dress can still be an option for you, especially right now!

Take a look around in the stores and on line. Those little sweaters that look like they were knitted by fairies using spider's webs? Those are the answer! Those light weight sweaters work very well with a slip dress. They cover with an open weave and come in so many shapes and configurations.

The second option is all those black chiffon blouses that are out there right now. They also come in all sorts of shapes and configurations. That wisp of chiffon is all the covering you need to make that little slip dress easy to wear again. The cobweb knit and the wispy chiffon camouflage imperfections we may want to disguise. 

There is a third option, but I'm not sure how long this one will be around. The kimono can be a good cover up. A kimono is more substantial, though and most of them will add a print or color to what starts as a simple, basic, monochromatic outfit.

Try one of these sweaters or blouses over a slip dress or strapless dress and see how you like it. 

That's stylin'~