Three Ways to Wear Your Star Studded Blouse

When you go shopping and buy a new blouse, how many ways do you picture wearing it? If it's for a special occasion, probably only that one way. If you're just adding a great new blouse to your wardrobe, you should be able to think of at least three ways to wear it fairly easily. Once you get it home and work with it, you'll probably find more, but something that really works in your wardrobe, should work at least three ways. If you have a good, working wardrobe. But that's for another time. Stars & Plaid
I love stars, so I chose this great star covered blouse by Equipment in silk crepe de chine to play with. This first outfit is a bit on the "office look" side, but can be worn even by those of us who don't go to the office just because we feel like it. The combination of the pink and the navy blue is a striking color pairing and makes for a standout look. The blouse can be tucked in or worn out.

Stars & Stripes
This second look is much more casual. The cuffed chinos with the star covered blouse isn't very exciting. It's when you add the green striped sweater and green shoes and bag that you actually get a color palette. The fun begins when you tuck the star charm necklace into the neckline of the blouse. You've got stars and stripes, but it's not red, white and blue!

Stars & Fringe
And for the last look, we actually have stars and red, white and blue. But this isn't meant to be a patriotic look. It just happens to be in those colors. Actually, the red is more a ruby or burgundy. The star blouse over the bright blue trousers isn't much. But then you add on the long navy blue sweater vest and your look gets some definition. Add the burgundy loafers and fringed bucket bag. Then pop on the beaded earrings to combine all the colors and you get the feel of the whole outfit. You've dotted the i's and crossed the t's for a great fall look.

I'm sure if you look through your closet you can find a few other ways to wear this great blouse. How would you wear it?
That's stylin'~