Third Time's the Charm!

This outfit has so many posibilities! I'm going to explore several of them, since there are so many of them. So stick with me on this and let's see how it all works out. Third Time's the Charm!

There are three pieces here that I want to work with, the print skirt, the metallic gold cardigan and the pink satin tank.

Skirt with Gold & Black
Working with the skirt first and switching to a gold and black color scheme is our first step away from the summer look. The gold blouse is much more formal than the pink tank top, as is the gold clutch. And though the earrings are still pink, they are a totally different look from the frivolous summery flowers. Add in the suede ankle boots and you are definitely a step in the right direction.
Skirt with Pink & Black
Now, this look is pink, but not the summery pink of the original. This strong pink is a fuzzy sweater with a black turtleneck and fringed suede boots. The gold earrings and gold metallic fringed bag add to the seasonal change here. We also get a bit of the boho look, which is a total change.

Sweater with Black
In this look, I've slimmed down the skirt silhouette and kept it solid black. I added a dressy beaded black cami top under the gold cardigan. Then topped it all with a kimono style black coat. The shoes are black satin with a jeweled decorative piece on the front. I added a gold quilted bag on a chain and black earrings. If you wanted to take this into the winter holidays, you could simply add a heavier coat and possibly boots.

Sweater with Red
This is a total change in color and look. A sleeveless red blouse with a scarf neckline over gold brocade trousers. Top this with the gold cardigan and then with a long red blazer. Geometric earrings add some flare to the look, as does the red bag with gold charms. Light tan suede pumps with cut outs also add to the look. This is an outfit you could definitely take all the way to the Christmas season with a heavy coat. The red blazer certainly has the lapel for a holiday pin if you wanted to add one.

Pink with Jeans
The cotton candy pink tank creates the basis for a great casual look with jeans. The pink and blue cardigan makes a great topper for it. Tuck your jeans into knee high blue boots. Add the pink moto leather jacket and striped scarf, then grab the great bucket bag. This makes a great dark and light look for an anytime look!

Pink with Gray Jeans
And now pink with gray jeans! Top the tank with an oversized white shirt. Slip into cute teal flats with silver bees on them. Top the outfit with a sweater that looks like an oversized baseball jacket in a light aqua. Then add some sparkly earrings for fun. Another great casual look.

Well, that's my last look using my three summer pieces. My print skirt, metallic gold cardigan and pink satin tank. What do you think? How would you stretch their season?