Teachers Go Back to School, Too!

Time to get all those kids back to school. I always loved back to school time with all the new clothes and new school supplies! When I was in college, I loved the start of each semester for the new supplies for each class! Being an art student, my supplies were really varied and wonderful, too!

But what about those teachers out there? How many of you are going back to school now, too? Do you get new clothes? Kids get them because they outgrow last year's clothes. Teachers should get them because they want to! Styles change and you always want to look fresh and stylish and your best. So treat yourself to some new items to add to your already workable wardrobe. Your wardrobe does work well, doesn't it? Maybe that's something I should address soon. I've read books and blogs about a working wardrobe and I have one, myself, created on my own ideas. I think I'll plan a post or two about my ideas about a working wardrobe. But, now, on to teacher's looks. I'll be doing them all this week, as this is the week my husband goes back to school and the town we live in does as well. Teachers Go Back to School, Too!
A denim shirt tucked loosely into a sweater knit skirt with arms tied around it. A denim blue sweater for added warmth. Low snakeskin pumps for visual texture. A dark denim blue bag. Tuck a soft gray print scarf into the opening of your shirt and varied blue stone earrings onto your ears. What a look! Nothing like the old fashioned teacher look!

In the Teachers' Room

This second look has a bit of sparkle to it. Start with gray trousers and a striped kimono blouse. Add a minty green sweater with sparkle. Slip into silver shoes to add a bit more shine. A light gray bag does the trick. Then pop on teal and yellow earrings for a bit of strong color. A tailored look with a bit of pizazz!

Reading, Writing and Geometry?
And my third offering is B&W, of course. You have to have at least one, I think. Black trousers and a B&W striped and polka dot tunic. Add a black and red scarf at the neck for dash! Red zipper tab earrings and a red leather handbag add a bit more dark red. B&W pointed flats add the final touch.

So, which look will you pick for the first day of school? Everyone wants to look their best on the first day!
That's stylin'~