Summer Wardrobe Staples

Over50Styling! If you could choose only FIVE items as your summer staples, what would you choose? That was the contest question posed to us. I love summer dresses, as you know, so I chose those. Soft off-the-shoulder ones in prints that are so forgiving. A denim jacket that can go anywhere for a cover up. Sandals with a heel to dress up or down. I chose moderate ones mostly. A bag with a strap to toss over your shoulder. A fairly small bag, but one that could hold whatever you needed to carry. And a great pair of sunglasses! Take a look at my three summer wardrobe staples groupings and see what you think. What would you choose for your basics? Send me your choices!
That's stylin'~ Summer Wardrobe Staples 1
Boohoo off the shoulder dress, $20 / J Crew jacket, $200 / Whistles nude sandals, $70 / Alexander Wang studded purse, $1,025 / Ray-Ban sunglasses, $200