Summer Chiffon Changes to Fall Knits

This summer we had this long, lean look of long chiffon tunics over leggings or skinnies with stiletto sandals. This fall, the look appears ready to continue with sweater tunics. It's a bit harder to do with sweaters, to keep that lean look. You don't want to end up letting it get overly bulky or look like you're still wearing your bathrobe.Cobalt & Dark Brown
Keep your layers lightweight and simple. Keep in mind proportion. If you can wear heels, this is a style best worn with high ones for the added height. 

Denim & Oatmeal
Keep your color palette simple. Too many colors will drag the eyes away from the shape and draw too much attention to the colors. Too bright colors will do the same thing, though a pop of color will add drama as usual. A bright handbag or scarf would be great! This is a look for the silhouette. 

Try this and see how it works for you!

That's stylin'~