Let's transition!

Let's Transition!
Yes, I know it's still the middle of August, the "dog days of August". You're still slipping off to the beach whenever you can steal a weekend away. Your air conditioner and fans are in top shape and going full time. You are living in as few clothes as possible just to survive the heat and humidity (if you have that problem where you live). We have to start looking ahead, though, because that's how fashion and retail work. It's not that you have to be a slave to fashion, but if you want to find what you are looking for, you need to shop when it's there. Fashion is WAY ahead of us and retail already has the fall holidays on display in the stores. If you look carefully in some stores, you'll see some of their Christmas merchandise already to go on the shelves! You don't have to wear fall clothes now, but now's a good time to start thinking about it. You hate to give up those great summer things, though. Don't you? Well, let's see if we can stretch the season for some of them. I'm going to take an item and transition it from late summer to full fall to show you how you can still wear some of your favorite pieces well into the cooler weather, unless you live in extreme weather conditions. Then, you know more than I do; and I leave you to it.

Here's a great summer outfit with that favorite color scheme and pattern we all love and have lots of, black and white stripes. I'm going to take this cotton jersey skirt into the fall. If this were just a woven cotton skirt, I probably wouldn't do this, the fabric would just look too lightweight next to heavier clothing. Being a knit, it's much more amenable to playing nicely with other knits. So, let's see how this works. We start out with the B&W striped skirt and a bright yellow cami topped with a cropped black cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. It's matched with strappy heels, a funky banana clutch and bright yellow and green shiny stone earrings. A great summer outfit!

Let's transition!
To start the transition, I've kept the black and white striped skirt and the bright yellow cami together. I added a heavier sweater with long sleeves and brought in more and larger stripes on the sleeves. I'd like to see those striped sleeves pushed up. I switched the bright-colored stone earrings to black and gold edgier earrings. I added a black and gold bag, but then for color threw in bright yellow strappy sandals. These changes make the outfit warmer, but you still get the summer-ish feel of the look and our B&W striped midi skirt is still looking great!

...and so it starts...
In this third look, I've dropped the bright yellow cami and traded it for a golden tank style blouse and added a solid black sweater. The earrings this time are amber, to bring in more of the autumn tone. I kept the bright yellow in the shoes, but as pumps, this time. Closed in shoes for the fall. And the big change is in the handbag with the bucket bag of animal print. Are you feeling warmer, yet?
...and it continues...

We start to get into cooler weather looks here. The long-sleeved blouse in black with the studded collar and the bulky-knit, mustard colored sweater in an oversized style are definitely not summer wear. This switch, changes the color focus of the outfit, but our skirt is standing up to the competition just fine! Bronze and gold earrings complement the edginess of the studded collar of the blouse, while the Lucite bangle simply adds color. Ankle boots in shiny patent leather look great with this midi skirt. And the bucket bag brings in a last touch of the golden color as well as being one of this falls' forecasted trends.

...as time and the the season pass...
Here we have the fall styles that I particularly enjoy. The midi skirt gets a dark bronze, scooped neck top this time. And it's all cozied up in a great sweater that falls half-way down the skirt in a soft black with capped sleeves. The earrings are gold with black chains around them. Then I added my favorite accessory, a soft scarf to drape around the neck and keep out the chills - and to look great! The little black clutch is all about the big black clasp on top. But the three toned shoes make another statement and will draw attention to a great pair of ankles with that strap!  This is the first time that the skirt may be totally upstaged by another article in the outfit. Those shoes are tough competition. Just a thought, I think I'd do pale black stockings with this, and be sure my pedicure was freshly done in a great coppery color. Definitely a great way to stay warm when the thermometer drops.

...and cool has turned to cold...
And for our final act before we must put it away for another day. I paired the striped skirt with a sheer, B&W checked shirt, topped it with a loose knit, dark amber, oversized sweater, and tied a lovely Versace collection scarf around the neck. The scarf can be removed if you aren't a fan of multiple prints or patterns, especially near your face, since there is a really nice chunky gold necklace under the scarf that will look wonderful with those B&W and gold earrings. Black knee-high boots and a bright gold bag add more sass to the outfit. And for added warmth, now that the season is really here, a sweater coat in dark mustard with black trim. 

...and so we are transitioned.
So, now it's your turn! Choose an item in your closet and see if you can make it transition as the season changes. Try some combinations you hadn't thought of before and see what new outfits you find in your closet!
That's stylin'~

Don't forget to send me a photo of what you come up with! judieasley@gmail.com