Denim style to the max!

Over50Styling! Casual and comfortable means denim, so today I have denim skirts for you. Three different styles, of course, a maxi skirt, a pencil skirt and a full skirt. I've put all three with flats and neat summer tops. 

All the items in these looks are from Romwe this time. Again, like yesterday, this is my own research to see what an older figure can wear from these young style online stores. The one thing I noticed immediately is the sizing, which I'm sure you've noticed as well, if you've looked. It's a Korean shop, so you have to be very careful about their smaller size in general. They do have a warning about checking the actual measurements of each item, and you really need to do that. The sizes seem to be all over the place. So shopper beware. 

Another thing I noticed is that they make a lot of things in chiffon. They carry some very sweet young brands, but they also carry some more mature styles. This could make them a wonderful source for inexpensive chiffon tops and blouses. Their prices could also make them an easy way to add pop pieces to a wardrobe seasonly.

That's stylin'~

Denim style to the max!

Denim skirt, $18.33/ Blouse, $5.99 / Blue handbag, $16 / Pendant earrings, $8.90 / Indigo Flats, $27.00 all items Romwe, not a sponsored post