Are you ready for another transition?

Ready for another transition?

Today, I have this great looking cotton knit maxidress. It's as comfy as it is good looking, so let's see if we can stretch its season a bit and wear it into the fall... infusion of color!

I'll warm it up with a buttonless cardigan sweater in a lovely sky blue. The sweater's collar goes nicely with the scoop neck of the dress and depending on the temperatures, the sleeves can be worn down or pushed up. The bonus? The sweater has pockets! I don't know about you, but I love things with pockets! These lay nicely against the sweater and don't bulge or add to the silhouette.

I kept it a bit summer-y with the wooden clog sandals in sky blue. A blue ballet flat could be added instead of the sandal if you wanted a closed shoe. The handbag has the option of handles or shoulder strap depending on your choice. And the earrings are pretty blue circles to dangle at your ears and catch the eye. Sky blue is a color that looks good on everyone. It puts a sparkle in your eyes and makes your skin look nice and clear.

So, the summer maxidress has moved a bit towards fall. Shall we try another step?

...trendy bohemian style...

The bohemian trend has been with us all summer in peasant tops and crocheted bikinis and fringed sandals. As we go into the autumn, we're seeing more fringe...on just about anything and everything. I'm not the biggest fan of boho or fringe. I think a little goes a long way with this trend. But let's see how it works with this maxidress, since the pattern in the dress leans in that direction.

Normally, boho would have more color, but I chose to stick with monochromatic black. I picked gold as the only accent. The faux leather jacket with the conservative length fringe works well with the dress. The fringe is placed in such a way that it won't be in your way doing things. You won't be closing it in your car door or dragging it in the sink in the ladies' rest room. Black and gold flats keep the proportions looking great and are comfy, just like the dress. The black handbag is a great shape to go anywhere and a size that will handle whatever you need without feeling like luggage - though this isn't exactly boho style. The black and gold bangles will jingle as much as you'd like; and the gold hoop earrings dangle tiny chains to shine and dance in the light. So, we didn't move to Bohemia, we just dipped our toes in the waters. But we look great and feel great! And that's what styling is all about!

I think one more step into autumn and we'll be done... step further?

Starting at the top, a chunky gold necklace to fill in the scoop of the dress. Add a bronzey, buttonless cardigan in a length to snuggle in. Drape a pale gray, gauzey scarf at your neck to play with and catch the cool breezes. Slip into fabulous light tan ankle boots and grab your dark tan shoulder bag. This look is all set to take on all but the worst of the autumn weather!

Try this with one your summer maxidresses and see how far into fall you can transition! Don't forget to send me a photo @ I look forward to seeing what you style!

Judi and the Blue Cat

That's stylin'~