Teachers Go Back to School, Too!

Time to get all those kids back to school. I always loved back to school time with all the new clothes and new school supplies! When I was in college, I loved the start of each semester for the new supplies for each class! Being an art student, my supplies were really varied and wonderful, too!

But what about those teachers out there? How many of you are going back to school now, too? Do you get new clothes? Kids get them because they outgrow last year's clothes. Teachers should get them because they want to! Styles change and you always want to look fresh and stylish and your best. So treat yourself to some new items to add to your already workable wardrobe. Your wardrobe does work well, doesn't it? Maybe that's something I should address soon. I've read books and blogs about a working wardrobe and I have one, myself, created on my own ideas. I think I'll plan a post or two about my ideas about a working wardrobe. But, now, on to teacher's looks. I'll be doing them all this week, as this is the week my husband goes back to school and the town we live in does as well. Teachers Go Back to School, Too!
A denim shirt tucked loosely into a sweater knit skirt with arms tied around it. A denim blue sweater for added warmth. Low snakeskin pumps for visual texture. A dark denim blue bag. Tuck a soft gray print scarf into the opening of your shirt and varied blue stone earrings onto your ears. What a look! Nothing like the old fashioned teacher look!

In the Teachers' Room

This second look has a bit of sparkle to it. Start with gray trousers and a striped kimono blouse. Add a minty green sweater with sparkle. Slip into silver shoes to add a bit more shine. A light gray bag does the trick. Then pop on teal and yellow earrings for a bit of strong color. A tailored look with a bit of pizazz!

Reading, Writing and Geometry?
And my third offering is B&W, of course. You have to have at least one, I think. Black trousers and a B&W striped and polka dot tunic. Add a black and red scarf at the neck for dash! Red zipper tab earrings and a red leather handbag add a bit more dark red. B&W pointed flats add the final touch.

So, which look will you pick for the first day of school? Everyone wants to look their best on the first day!
That's stylin'~

Your Weekend Forecast is Denim in Different Colors!

Hey, it's Friday again! Time for more denim and relaxed looks. This time I chose three colors of denim with neat tops and pops of color. The first, of course, being the white jeans with black and the pop being true red. This is always a great color palette for any time of year. White with Black & Red
This second one is grey denim with lovely coral and the pop is a strong lime green. It's not typical, but it's fun and lively!
Grey and Coral & Lime
And this last one is the typical blue jeans with gray and the pop is violet. With each look I've kept the jewelry minimal, but striking and the handbag is a clutch. These are the pop in each outfit as well.

All these looks could take you anywhere or nowhere this weekend. What are you doing this weekend and what are you wearing?
That's stylin'~
Blue with Grey & Violet

Two Ways to Wear a Slip Dress Without The Reveal


The little slip dress that should be so easy to wear, but isn't. Hmmm. It can be again. Let's face it, as we age, the upper arms and bust area aren't necessarily the prettiest part of our bodies. Our body chemistry changes and the skin and muscles change. Exercise and lotions can only do so much. But that little black slip dress can still be an option for you, especially right now!

Take a look around in the stores and on line. Those little sweaters that look like they were knitted by fairies using spider's webs? Those are the answer! Those light weight sweaters work very well with a slip dress. They cover with an open weave and come in so many shapes and configurations.

The second option is all those black chiffon blouses that are out there right now. They also come in all sorts of shapes and configurations. That wisp of chiffon is all the covering you need to make that little slip dress easy to wear again. The cobweb knit and the wispy chiffon camouflage imperfections we may want to disguise. 

There is a third option, but I'm not sure how long this one will be around. The kimono can be a good cover up. A kimono is more substantial, though and most of them will add a print or color to what starts as a simple, basic, monochromatic outfit.

Try one of these sweaters or blouses over a slip dress or strapless dress and see how you like it. 

That's stylin'~

"I dream in B&W" digital art by Judi Easley

I dream in B&W

Book Review: Samantha Shannon's "The Mime Order"

Hey there! It's been a while, but I thought I'd share my thoughts on this year's literary offering from young British author, Samantha Shannon. It's a good one ... and a long review! Best, Sarah :-)

***This review contains spoilers***

And here we have another great read from Samantha Shannon! So many authors trip over the concept of a sequel, tumbling and bumbling until they manage to get their readers through it and finish breathlessly with a nasty cliffhanger, which opens the way for them to give it another go. This isn't the case with Shannon, however, much to my delight! While there's certainly a cliffhanger at the end (oh yes, there's a cliffhanger all right...), it ends things off with a stylish flair that doesn't need to try and make up for anything that came previously. So, let's dig in, shall we?

Getting back into the world of Voyants...
We picked up right where we left off in The Bone Season -- a smart move, since there's no way the crew of rebel voyants could have just snuck back into SciLo on a Scion-controlled train without anyone the wiser. Thus, we get a fanfare of action, chaos, thrills & spills, and lots of loose ends for Paige to work on tracking down right off the bat. As with the first book, Paige is our leading lady and the story is told entirely from her perspective. Since we're back in Scion-dominated London now, there's some additional world-building going on to give us a deeper sense of the workings of the Syndicate. So, we learn about the cutthroat structure of the Cohorts and the mime-lords and mime-queens who rule them. Already having been introduced to the tempestuous and controlling Jaxon Hall and his band of gifted voyants, we find the further understanding of how things work here easier to grasp. 

All in all, Shannon's leg-work to get us reacquainted with Paige's alternate London is well executed. Some may have little patience with the breadth and depth of information being thrown our way, but it's really interesting stuff, as our dear author has constructed a truly fascinating underground consortium of clairvoyant gangsters.

Our Leading Lady
I personally am a big fan of Paige. She's smart, serious, and doesn't have to fall back on her looks to make herself interesting. Honestly, she's a touch on the reticent side for a main character, but it doesn't impair our connection with her. Also, while she has a unique gift and is growing into a power that is clearly exceptional, she is really the sum of her parts. Her role as a Dreamwalker makes her stand out for us and the world around her, but it's matched by her personality, history, sense of justice, and determination.

In The Mime Order, Paige undergoes some serious character development. Being an early book, this is where a lot of it's going to happen, so bear with the girl and allow her to learn as she goes -- which she does! There isn't much about our favorite mollisher that could be called innocent or naïve, but her perceptions and relationships evolve dramatically over the course of the 500-something pages we have here. There are some big lessons in store for Paige, and she has to pick them up quickly. Luckily, she is who she is, and having been subjected to the horrors of Sheol I, Paige is not about to sit on her hands and wait for things to turn out for the better. She is the type of hero who strives to be proactive, though she's forced to be reactive a great deal as well.

So, is our dearest Paige up to snuff in her second appearance? She sure is!

The Mushiness
Do we get to see Warden again? Shannon led us to believe that it might be quite a while before the human-friendly Rephaim would return. I had thought we wouldn't be seeing him for another book or two ... Nope! He's back, and all those throbbing, awkward questions reappear when Paige is confronted with her former keeper. Their relationship progresses in this book more quickly then I'd anticipated. In part, I'd hoped it would go a little more slowly, but it felt natural at the same time. Their move toward greater intimacy isn't rushed or forced, and it just gives you a happy feeling to know that these two wonderful characters are finding a way to share something special even if they must hide it to survive.

Judgment? Paige and Warden are good mush. Even though I'm more than halfway convinced that one or both of them are going to die before this is over, I'll be a proper fangirl and ship them all the way!

The ending...
I say it all the time: I have a hard time liking a book unless it has a great ending. Shannon doesn't disappoint in The Mime Order!

We have an ending in two parts. All along in this installment we've had two very important plot threads weaving in, out, and all around: Paige's determination to do something about the dastardly Syndicate, and the ongoing threat of Nashira and her followers. First up is Paige's gambit to take control of the underground world of voyants. She knows that united, the Syndicate is a powerful army of gifted wielders of various schools of clairvoyance. If she can get them to work together, then they may have a chance of facing the Rephaim. Unfortunately, uniting this lot of scheming, self-serving, back-stabbing mercenaries is hard enough for the Underlord to accomplish (if he ever actually put the effort in to do it, that is), never mind a mollisher just really coming to understand her own abilities. The Scrimmage is a nail-bitingly awesome scene that shows off the worst side of the mime-lords & mime-queens as they vie for dominance. Paige faces a challenge that she isn't sure she has the strength to overcome. The knowledge of what's at stake keeps her from taking the easy out, however. Good for her!

The second plot line -- the issue of the Sargas -- comes up at the very end, following the conclusion of the nerve-fraying Scrimmage. Now, remembering that this is only the second book in a series that's meant to span seven, we know that we're not going to see a resolution here. Right? Paige is still recovering from the bloody debacle that led to the crowning of a new Underqueen, and Nashira is still as powerful and mean-spirited as ever. We get treated to some uplifting moments, tricking us into hoping that the blood-sovereign is about to get her nose rearranged, and Paige further proves her growing mastery of her dreamwalking abilities. All good stuff! Not to give too much away (ha!), there's some trash-talking, lots of tension, and that twisty cliffhanger previously mentioned. You're going to want to throw your book/tablet at the wall when you get to that last, big reveal. Although I could see things kind of leading up to it, I totally and completely feel your frustration. Anyone who wants to vent is welcome to leave a comment (please keep it clean).

Final Judgment
I absolutely loved the convoluted structure and politics of the Syndicate, and the professional names of the high-ranking voyants are fabulous -- The Wicked Lady, Bramble Briar, The Rag and Bone Man, The Jacobite, The Abbess ... just to name a few! Shannon's creativity really shines. 

Paige and Warden continue to be endearing characters, and their very realistic view of each other and what is happening around them sets them apart from other book couples. They aren't wearing blindfolds. Paige isn't forgiving or forgetting the treatment Warden allowed her to suffer in Sheol I, and they both know that anything between them is fleeting and has the potential to destroy them and all they're fighting for. It's a very mature relationship that's built on understanding and respect as well as affection.

In closing, I just have to mention that the book had a strong V for Vendetta feel to it. The corrupt tyranny of Scion, the underdog voyants fighting for survival and -- eventually -- freedom, and a hero who is willing to make the tough calls necessary in leadership during a time of war. I really appreciated it!

Thank you Samantha Shannon! I'm looking forward to next time ... Bravo!

Summer Chiffon Changes to Fall Knits

This summer we had this long, lean look of long chiffon tunics over leggings or skinnies with stiletto sandals. This fall, the look appears ready to continue with sweater tunics. It's a bit harder to do with sweaters, to keep that lean look. You don't want to end up letting it get overly bulky or look like you're still wearing your bathrobe.Cobalt & Dark Brown
Keep your layers lightweight and simple. Keep in mind proportion. If you can wear heels, this is a style best worn with high ones for the added height. 

Denim & Oatmeal
Keep your color palette simple. Too many colors will drag the eyes away from the shape and draw too much attention to the colors. Too bright colors will do the same thing, though a pop of color will add drama as usual. A bright handbag or scarf would be great! This is a look for the silhouette. 

Try this and see how it works for you!

That's stylin'~

Three Ways to Wear Your Star Studded Blouse

When you go shopping and buy a new blouse, how many ways do you picture wearing it? If it's for a special occasion, probably only that one way. If you're just adding a great new blouse to your wardrobe, you should be able to think of at least three ways to wear it fairly easily. Once you get it home and work with it, you'll probably find more, but something that really works in your wardrobe, should work at least three ways. If you have a good, working wardrobe. But that's for another time. Stars & Plaid
I love stars, so I chose this great star covered blouse by Equipment in silk crepe de chine to play with. This first outfit is a bit on the "office look" side, but can be worn even by those of us who don't go to the office just because we feel like it. The combination of the pink and the navy blue is a striking color pairing and makes for a standout look. The blouse can be tucked in or worn out.

Stars & Stripes
This second look is much more casual. The cuffed chinos with the star covered blouse isn't very exciting. It's when you add the green striped sweater and green shoes and bag that you actually get a color palette. The fun begins when you tuck the star charm necklace into the neckline of the blouse. You've got stars and stripes, but it's not red, white and blue!

Stars & Fringe
And for the last look, we actually have stars and red, white and blue. But this isn't meant to be a patriotic look. It just happens to be in those colors. Actually, the red is more a ruby or burgundy. The star blouse over the bright blue trousers isn't much. But then you add on the long navy blue sweater vest and your look gets some definition. Add the burgundy loafers and fringed bucket bag. Then pop on the beaded earrings to combine all the colors and you get the feel of the whole outfit. You've dotted the i's and crossed the t's for a great fall look.

I'm sure if you look through your closet you can find a few other ways to wear this great blouse. How would you wear it?
That's stylin'~

Your Weekend Forecast is Relaxed and Softly Colored

Pink and Peach

Hey, it's Friday and I have three pretty, softly colored denim looks for you this weekend. This first one in pink and peach is very feminine with its cardigan in a cobweb fine knit and chiffon layer at the bottom. It's a little bit silly, too, with its flamingo shoes. But if you can't be a bit silly on the weekend, when can you be? Remember, those aren't wrinkles, those are laugh lines!

Yellow and Cornflower Blue

This second one is fairly feminine as well with that dainty yellow cami and the bows on the open toe flats. Good time to get your last pedicure of the summer. Try a deep copper color and see how well it transitions with your summer clothes into fall colors.

Cornflower Blue and Seafoam

And the third and last look is blue and green. This lovely cornflower blue and seafoam green seem to look really well on almost everyone. Here, again, I've used open toed shoes for the look. It's still nice enough for them temperature-wise. So get that last pedicure in copper. It goes really well with all colors and is a great change from the light or bright colors of the summer.

Third Time's the Charm!

This outfit has so many posibilities! I'm going to explore several of them, since there are so many of them. So stick with me on this and let's see how it all works out. Third Time's the Charm!

There are three pieces here that I want to work with, the print skirt, the metallic gold cardigan and the pink satin tank.

Skirt with Gold & Black
Working with the skirt first and switching to a gold and black color scheme is our first step away from the summer look. The gold blouse is much more formal than the pink tank top, as is the gold clutch. And though the earrings are still pink, they are a totally different look from the frivolous summery flowers. Add in the suede ankle boots and you are definitely a step in the right direction.
Skirt with Pink & Black
Now, this look is pink, but not the summery pink of the original. This strong pink is a fuzzy sweater with a black turtleneck and fringed suede boots. The gold earrings and gold metallic fringed bag add to the seasonal change here. We also get a bit of the boho look, which is a total change.

Sweater with Black
In this look, I've slimmed down the skirt silhouette and kept it solid black. I added a dressy beaded black cami top under the gold cardigan. Then topped it all with a kimono style black coat. The shoes are black satin with a jeweled decorative piece on the front. I added a gold quilted bag on a chain and black earrings. If you wanted to take this into the winter holidays, you could simply add a heavier coat and possibly boots.

Sweater with Red
This is a total change in color and look. A sleeveless red blouse with a scarf neckline over gold brocade trousers. Top this with the gold cardigan and then with a long red blazer. Geometric earrings add some flare to the look, as does the red bag with gold charms. Light tan suede pumps with cut outs also add to the look. This is an outfit you could definitely take all the way to the Christmas season with a heavy coat. The red blazer certainly has the lapel for a holiday pin if you wanted to add one.

Pink with Jeans
The cotton candy pink tank creates the basis for a great casual look with jeans. The pink and blue cardigan makes a great topper for it. Tuck your jeans into knee high blue boots. Add the pink moto leather jacket and striped scarf, then grab the great bucket bag. This makes a great dark and light look for an anytime look!

Pink with Gray Jeans
And now pink with gray jeans! Top the tank with an oversized white shirt. Slip into cute teal flats with silver bees on them. Top the outfit with a sweater that looks like an oversized baseball jacket in a light aqua. Then add some sparkly earrings for fun. Another great casual look.

Well, that's my last look using my three summer pieces. My print skirt, metallic gold cardigan and pink satin tank. What do you think? How would you stretch their season?

Are you ready for another transition?

Ready for another transition?

Today, I have this great looking cotton knit maxidress. It's as comfy as it is good looking, so let's see if we can stretch its season a bit and wear it into the fall...

...an infusion of color!

I'll warm it up with a buttonless cardigan sweater in a lovely sky blue. The sweater's collar goes nicely with the scoop neck of the dress and depending on the temperatures, the sleeves can be worn down or pushed up. The bonus? The sweater has pockets! I don't know about you, but I love things with pockets! These lay nicely against the sweater and don't bulge or add to the silhouette.

I kept it a bit summer-y with the wooden clog sandals in sky blue. A blue ballet flat could be added instead of the sandal if you wanted a closed shoe. The handbag has the option of handles or shoulder strap depending on your choice. And the earrings are pretty blue circles to dangle at your ears and catch the eye. Sky blue is a color that looks good on everyone. It puts a sparkle in your eyes and makes your skin look nice and clear.

So, the summer maxidress has moved a bit towards fall. Shall we try another step?

...trendy bohemian style...

The bohemian trend has been with us all summer in peasant tops and crocheted bikinis and fringed sandals. As we go into the autumn, we're seeing more fringe...on just about anything and everything. I'm not the biggest fan of boho or fringe. I think a little goes a long way with this trend. But let's see how it works with this maxidress, since the pattern in the dress leans in that direction.

Normally, boho would have more color, but I chose to stick with monochromatic black. I picked gold as the only accent. The faux leather jacket with the conservative length fringe works well with the dress. The fringe is placed in such a way that it won't be in your way doing things. You won't be closing it in your car door or dragging it in the sink in the ladies' rest room. Black and gold flats keep the proportions looking great and are comfy, just like the dress. The black handbag is a great shape to go anywhere and a size that will handle whatever you need without feeling like luggage - though this isn't exactly boho style. The black and gold bangles will jingle as much as you'd like; and the gold hoop earrings dangle tiny chains to shine and dance in the light. So, we didn't move to Bohemia, we just dipped our toes in the waters. But we look great and feel great! And that's what styling is all about!

I think one more step into autumn and we'll be done...

...one step further?

Starting at the top, a chunky gold necklace to fill in the scoop of the dress. Add a bronzey, buttonless cardigan in a length to snuggle in. Drape a pale gray, gauzey scarf at your neck to play with and catch the cool breezes. Slip into fabulous light tan ankle boots and grab your dark tan shoulder bag. This look is all set to take on all but the worst of the autumn weather!

Try this with one your summer maxidresses and see how far into fall you can transition! Don't forget to send me a photo @ judieasley@gmail.com I look forward to seeing what you style!

Judi and the Blue Cat

That's stylin'~

Let's transition!

Let's Transition!
Yes, I know it's still the middle of August, the "dog days of August". You're still slipping off to the beach whenever you can steal a weekend away. Your air conditioner and fans are in top shape and going full time. You are living in as few clothes as possible just to survive the heat and humidity (if you have that problem where you live). We have to start looking ahead, though, because that's how fashion and retail work. It's not that you have to be a slave to fashion, but if you want to find what you are looking for, you need to shop when it's there. Fashion is WAY ahead of us and retail already has the fall holidays on display in the stores. If you look carefully in some stores, you'll see some of their Christmas merchandise already to go on the shelves! You don't have to wear fall clothes now, but now's a good time to start thinking about it. You hate to give up those great summer things, though. Don't you? Well, let's see if we can stretch the season for some of them. I'm going to take an item and transition it from late summer to full fall to show you how you can still wear some of your favorite pieces well into the cooler weather, unless you live in extreme weather conditions. Then, you know more than I do; and I leave you to it.

Here's a great summer outfit with that favorite color scheme and pattern we all love and have lots of, black and white stripes. I'm going to take this cotton jersey skirt into the fall. If this were just a woven cotton skirt, I probably wouldn't do this, the fabric would just look too lightweight next to heavier clothing. Being a knit, it's much more amenable to playing nicely with other knits. So, let's see how this works. We start out with the B&W striped skirt and a bright yellow cami topped with a cropped black cardigan with 3/4 sleeves. It's matched with strappy heels, a funky banana clutch and bright yellow and green shiny stone earrings. A great summer outfit!

Let's transition!
To start the transition, I've kept the black and white striped skirt and the bright yellow cami together. I added a heavier sweater with long sleeves and brought in more and larger stripes on the sleeves. I'd like to see those striped sleeves pushed up. I switched the bright-colored stone earrings to black and gold edgier earrings. I added a black and gold bag, but then for color threw in bright yellow strappy sandals. These changes make the outfit warmer, but you still get the summer-ish feel of the look and our B&W striped midi skirt is still looking great!

...and so it starts...
In this third look, I've dropped the bright yellow cami and traded it for a golden tank style blouse and added a solid black sweater. The earrings this time are amber, to bring in more of the autumn tone. I kept the bright yellow in the shoes, but as pumps, this time. Closed in shoes for the fall. And the big change is in the handbag with the bucket bag of animal print. Are you feeling warmer, yet?
...and it continues...

We start to get into cooler weather looks here. The long-sleeved blouse in black with the studded collar and the bulky-knit, mustard colored sweater in an oversized style are definitely not summer wear. This switch, changes the color focus of the outfit, but our skirt is standing up to the competition just fine! Bronze and gold earrings complement the edginess of the studded collar of the blouse, while the Lucite bangle simply adds color. Ankle boots in shiny patent leather look great with this midi skirt. And the bucket bag brings in a last touch of the golden color as well as being one of this falls' forecasted trends.

...as time and the the season pass...
Here we have the fall styles that I particularly enjoy. The midi skirt gets a dark bronze, scooped neck top this time. And it's all cozied up in a great sweater that falls half-way down the skirt in a soft black with capped sleeves. The earrings are gold with black chains around them. Then I added my favorite accessory, a soft scarf to drape around the neck and keep out the chills - and to look great! The little black clutch is all about the big black clasp on top. But the three toned shoes make another statement and will draw attention to a great pair of ankles with that strap!  This is the first time that the skirt may be totally upstaged by another article in the outfit. Those shoes are tough competition. Just a thought, I think I'd do pale black stockings with this, and be sure my pedicure was freshly done in a great coppery color. Definitely a great way to stay warm when the thermometer drops.

...and cool has turned to cold...
And for our final act before we must put it away for another day. I paired the striped skirt with a sheer, B&W checked shirt, topped it with a loose knit, dark amber, oversized sweater, and tied a lovely Versace collection scarf around the neck. The scarf can be removed if you aren't a fan of multiple prints or patterns, especially near your face, since there is a really nice chunky gold necklace under the scarf that will look wonderful with those B&W and gold earrings. Black knee-high boots and a bright gold bag add more sass to the outfit. And for added warmth, now that the season is really here, a sweater coat in dark mustard with black trim. 

...and so we are transitioned.
So, now it's your turn! Choose an item in your closet and see if you can make it transition as the season changes. Try some combinations you hadn't thought of before and see what new outfits you find in your closet!
That's stylin'~

Don't forget to send me a photo of what you come up with! judieasley@gmail.com

A message from Sarah,


Mom asked me to let you know that she won't be able to post this week. She got hurt over the weekend and will need a few days to recover as well as a few days to get some posts together for you. So don't look for her before next Monday, August 17th. She feels really badly about this, but there's nothing she can do but take care of herself right now. She said to tell you she's thinking layers and cooler weather, so be ready for more fall type looks.


One in B&W

One in B&W
Over50Styling!  Your weekend looks good in black and white! Whether you try a black oversized blouse with striped pants, a black play suit with a striped sweater, or black leggings and white t-shirt tied in black with a black and white windowpane check kimono, make it a good one! That's stylin,~

Just so you all know, I just upgraded to Windows 10 on my computer and am still working on redoing some of my connections. So I may get a little behind with things. Please bear with me while I get everything reconnected and learn how this new software works. Thanks!

Have a great weekend!
Judi and Blue Cat

And a second in B&W

And a second in B&W

And, of course, the third in B&W

And, of course, the third in B&W

Denim style to the max!

Over50Styling! Casual and comfortable means denim, so today I have denim skirts for you. Three different styles, of course, a maxi skirt, a pencil skirt and a full skirt. I've put all three with flats and neat summer tops. 

All the items in these looks are from Romwe this time. Again, like yesterday, this is my own research to see what an older figure can wear from these young style online stores. The one thing I noticed immediately is the sizing, which I'm sure you've noticed as well, if you've looked. It's a Korean shop, so you have to be very careful about their smaller size in general. They do have a warning about checking the actual measurements of each item, and you really need to do that. The sizes seem to be all over the place. So shopper beware. 

Another thing I noticed is that they make a lot of things in chiffon. They carry some very sweet young brands, but they also carry some more mature styles. This could make them a wonderful source for inexpensive chiffon tops and blouses. Their prices could also make them an easy way to add pop pieces to a wardrobe seasonly.

That's stylin'~

Denim style to the max!

Denim skirt, $18.33/ Blouse, $5.99 / Blue handbag, $16 / Pendant earrings, $8.90 / Indigo Flats, $27.00 all items Romwe, not a sponsored post

Get a line on denim stylin'!

It's a straight line in denim!
 Get a line on denim stylin'!

Blouse, $13.33 / Denim skirt, $14.45 / Pu handbag, $26 / Earrings, $5.96 / WOMEN'S shoes, $30

Pull it together in denim

Bright, colorful and comfortable! Pull it together in denim

An easy pairing with tanks and big shirts!

 I love big shirts and own several. I wear them buttoned and opened over another top. They are quite versatile. So today I three outfits with big shirts. All the items in these sets are from SheIn, which used to be SheInside. I was curious to see how much of this "young" stock would work for an older figure and was quite surprised. It's up to your own taste, of course, and figure constraints. I have ordered a few items from them to see what their quality is. I'll let you know what I find after wearing and washing them. Oh, and I am not being paid to do this. This is all my own curiosity at this point.

But back to today's sets. I've chosen stretchy leggings type pants, tank style tops and big shirts for each of the outfits. They are attractive and comfortable, as well as fashionable. Which one appeals to you?
Paisley & Nude
Floral big shirt, $16 / Sleeveless tank top, $8.99 / Blue skinny jeans, $19 / Nude heel shoes, $28 / Croc embossed handbag, $18 / Crystal drop earrings, $5.60 / Ultimo rounded glasses, $9.99

Poseys and Black

A pretty floral big shirt and bowtied shoes! Poseys and Black
Floral big shirt, $16 / White tank, $7.99 / Elastic waist pants, $12 /  Studded bowtied pumps, $34 / Black handbag, $17 Earrings, $6.60 all items Shein, not a sponsored post

Blots and Black

Pink and black ink blots on the big shirt and tiny stripes on the tank make a fun combo over slim black pants! Blots and Black
Long sleeve big shirt, $14 / White striped tank top, $12 / Black pants, $16 / Black sandal flat, $28 / White tote with clutch, $26 / Gold jewelry, $6.60 all items SheIn, not a sponsored post

Summer Wardrobe Staples

Over50Styling! If you could choose only FIVE items as your summer staples, what would you choose? That was the contest question posed to us. I love summer dresses, as you know, so I chose those. Soft off-the-shoulder ones in prints that are so forgiving. A denim jacket that can go anywhere for a cover up. Sandals with a heel to dress up or down. I chose moderate ones mostly. A bag with a strap to toss over your shoulder. A fairly small bag, but one that could hold whatever you needed to carry. And a great pair of sunglasses! Take a look at my three summer wardrobe staples groupings and see what you think. What would you choose for your basics? Send me your choices!
That's stylin'~ Summer Wardrobe Staples 1
Boohoo off the shoulder dress, $20 / J Crew jacket, $200 / Whistles nude sandals, $70 / Alexander Wang studded purse, $1,025 / Ray-Ban sunglasses, $200

Summer Wardrobe Staples 2

Summer Wardrobe Staples 2
Boohoo dress, $16 / Blue jacket, $35 / Manolo Blahnik sandals, $745 / Chloé black purse, $2,490 / Cat eye glasses, $11

Summer Wardrobe Staples 3

Summer Wardrobe Staples 3

Boohoo dress, $20 / Philipp Plein jacket, $675 / Stuart Weitzman shoes, $425 / Michael Kors leather handbag, $134 / Vince Camuto sunglasses, $85

Please forgive the ragged appearance...

Do please forgive our ragged appearance while I figure out how to make all the bells and whistles work on here. I am not tech savvy and I'm trying very hard to make this easier for you and newbies to get around and see everything. So please be patient with me while I work the glitches out of things. Hopefully, eventually, all the buttons will work and take you to places you want to go so you can see more wonderful things! If you have any suggestions or wise words, please don't hesitate to mention them to me at judieasley@gmail.com.

Happy Monday evening, Judi and the black cat instead of the blue cat today!

It's an amazing Monday to the max!

Over50Styling! And a good Monday morning to you! I've come to really love maxiskirts and dresses this summer because of their ease and comfort! That's why I keep coming up with new look for them, especially on Monday morning. Though, I'm sitting here on a Wednesday afternoon wearing a dark blue tee, white jeans cuffed and a blue and white kimono. That's another item I've come to really appreciate. It covers up all those little sins and you always get a compliment on them since a lot of women haven't taken to them, yet. They don't seem too sure of how to wear them! Maybe I should start handing out my card to more people!

I started with the black outfit first because it's the odd one, the only solid one. The other two are prints. One's long sleeve with bell sleeves, a bit boho. They are all off-the-shoulder dresses paired with flats. I think long, casual dresses look best with flats. One qualifier there, if the dress is very straight (bodycon) then a heel is called for. That's all a matter of proportion. You just have to keep a maxi look neat. You can't allow it to get sloppy, or you run the danger of looking like you are still in your nightdress and need to go home and get dressed.

My pet peeve revealed: I hope every woman reading this has a full-length mirror and uses it every time she gets dressed. You are a three dimensional being and the world is all around you seeing you from all sides. Please be sure to check all views before you leave the house. Do not be caught with a faux pas because you didn't look.

That's stylin'~
Where the fun is...
Boohoo petite dress, $16 / CL by Chinese Laundry black flat, $35 / Louis Vuitton leather purse, $2,050 / Miadora gold jewelry, $68 / Anne Klein earrings, $26 / Nars cosmetic, $27

Where the dreams are...

Where the dreams are...
Boohoo maxi dress, $26 / Michael kors sandals, $99 / Victoria Beckham leather purse, $2,175 / Marni leather bracelet, $450 / Philippe Ferrandis red earrings, $52 / Circle sunglasses, $297

Where the smiles are...

Where the smiles are...
Boohoo sleeve maxi dress, $35 / Ted baker shoes, $60 / Chloé genuine leather handbag, $950 / Mallary Marks citrine jewelry, $1,075 / Dolce&Gabbana dolce gabbana glasses, $135