Your Weekend Forecast is Denim Blue!

Weekends are made for relaxing and no other fabric is made for relaxing quite like denim, well worn denim. Or, denim that's been broken in for you. Thank heaven the fashion industry does that for us these days! :) 

So what I've posted for you are three denim shorts looks. One is a shorts coveralls, or shortalls, look. Not a single one has a plain white or gray t-shirt or old sneakers in it. It's just as easy to pull on something pretty and comfy as it is to pull on something like a faded, old t-shirt that's just comfy. I'm trying to get myself into the habit of putting out my clothes the night before so that they are all ready in the morning and I don't have to think about what to wear. I have a hook inside my closet where I hang what I'll be wearing the next day I even set out shoes and accessories so that I don't get lazy and skip them. I tend to do that working at home. And it's worse in the summer. No one sees me, right? Well, I see me. My husband sees me. And friends I Skype with see me. Shouldn't they see me dressed properly? And shouldn't I be doing it for myself, too? So make the effort and look your best even if you are the only one to see you!

I hope you enjoy your weekend! Judi and the blue cat! Summer Blues
Anna Field print top, $40 / Tommy Hilfiger denim shorts, $119 / Tory burch shoes, $158 / Tory Burch shoulder bag, $395 / Black opal & diamond earrings, $4,800