White with Red

Over50Styling! Summer and white dresses just seem to go together! I chose three very different styles of white dresses for you today and added a color. I have LWDs with a color. I have red, as you see here, blue, and pink. You can choose any color to go with a white dress actually, I just happened to work with these three because of the accessories I came across in my search. So take a look at how I put these together and see what you find in your closet to style. Don't forget to add lipstick with a white dress. The color white can drain your face of its color, adding lipstick, even a nude color, is important.
That's stylin'~ White with Red
Monsoon shirt dress, $53 / Vince Camuto pointy-toe pumps, $225 / Cecilia Ma white handbag, $290 / MICHAEL Michael Kors bracelet watch, $167 / Alexis bittar earrings, $120