Summer Casual and Looking Good for the Short(s) Season

Summer is a short season, at least here in New England. We stretch it as best we can, but it really is fleeting. So often I see women in shorts who obviously need to go to their local WalMart and buy themselves a full-length mirror. Well, that applies to all seasons, but it seems that shorts beg to be sloppy. It's hot and it's just too much trouble to look good. Right?

Wrong! Shorts, even denim shorts, can and do look awesome with very little effort! Is it harder to put on a nice top than it is to put on a boring, wrinkled one? Of course not! So just take one moment to give it a thought and you can look wonderful in shorts all summer long, or all summer short! Sorry, bad joke!

The three outfits I have for you today are neat and attractive. They aren't denim, distressed or dirty. They are put together just as any other outfit would be with thought to style and what looks good on a woman's body. So take a look at them and then give some thought to your next shorts outfit. That's stylin'~ magic
Diesel colorful cardigan, $110 / Glamorous lace camisole, $17 / River Island pattern high waisted shorts, $24 / Vionnet heels stiletto, $210 / Fiorelli nautical tote bag, $75 / Lucky Brand cuff bracelet, $49 / 1928 sparkly earrings, $35 / Persol lens glasses, $360