It's Thursday, but I have no Little Black Dresses today!

No, I have no LBDs today. Instead, I have swimwear! T'is the season, at least in this hemisphere. I'm constantly reminded lately about the southern hemisphere and their different season (brrrrr!). Sorry, ladies. I haven't figured out how a blog can do the whole world at one time and be seasonal. I'll keep thinking about it, though and see what I come up with!
Well, today, as I said, I have swimwear. I chose all one piece suits today. With the changes that happen to our skin as we age, an awful lot of it doesn't need to be on display. I constantly find my skin is changing, in appearance and texture. I can't imagine what I'll look like or feel like in another 20 or 30 years if this is what I'm like at 58! And I don't go out in the sun anymore, and haven't for years. Several things you'll notice in these outfits possibly...

...the shoes are appropriate for walking on the surfaces in the set (sand or wood) 
...the jewelry is kept to a minimum and classic without extras to distract (also less to lose in the sand or water or have to worry about leaving marks). 

So put together a new swimwear look for yourself or for someone else and send me a picture at! That's stylin'~
No purpose
Mara Hoffman green bikini, $345 / Ted Baker crochet beach cover up, $97 / FitFlop fringe shoes, $88 / Sensi Studio handbag, $260 / Avindy jewelry, $140 / Lanvin brimmed hat, $990 / Dolce&Gabbana leopard sunglasses, $225