Light up the Whole Town

Over50Styling! Mixing colors and prints is getting easier and easier! Light up the Whole Town

Start with the B&W striped skirt. Remember, think of it as a solid. That makes it easier to mix with prints and patterns. Add a green jungle print camisole and an oversized green cardigan with the sleeves pushed up. Slip into green seude sling backs. Grab a great green clutch. Pop on wonderful sparkling green earrings. Then last, but not least, your animal print sunnies!
That's stylin'!

I use the designer items available on Polyvore to provide you with outfits that look great and bring together today's trends and reality. However, it's up to you to decide how much of this fits your budget. There are things here that are outrageously expensive. Sometimes I use them even though they are so expensive that it's ridiculous to expect anyone to buy them, but they are the best example of what I am trying to show you. Look in your local stores and online for similar items at better prices. If you can afford these items I'm showing, great! If you can't, I'm giving you ideas to go shopping with. Have fun!
Hey! When  you put your outfit together, take a pic and send it to me so I can see what you did with my ideas! I'd love to see what you styled! Send it to me at