I wish you a creative weekend!

Over50Styling! I wish you a very creative weekend! The weather forecast in my area is for warmer temperatures and sunny skies. I plan on shutting down the computer, opening all the windows and concentrating on some artwork. I'm taking a class on-line called Drawing Your Words and I'm sadly overdue on my alphabets! I need to get my hands messy and do some hands on art. The kind where you actually use paper and get messy with different types of paints and stuff. But when it's all over you feel great and have something to show for your time! I wish you a creative weekend!

So put on your most comfortable jeans and a sweatshirt that speaks to you. Slip on a pair of flats and some cool earrings. Push up your sleeves, poor yourself a cup of really good coffee and dig into whatever it is that turns you on creatively.
See you on Monday!