Happy Cinco de Mayo! Let's party!

Over50Styling! Yes, today is May 5, Cinco de Mayo. A day to celebrate and remember. So grab the chips and salsa. Mix up the margaritas. And let's enjoy ourselves. All three outfits today are great for celebrating. They are comfortable to wear and look great! Just watch out for that salsa! White

White! If you want to make a statement, do it in white. All over white. The short white camisole. The long white slacks. The long sleeveless coat. They create a long, slim statement that no one will miss even at the most crowded Cinco de Mayo party. Among the sophisticated, you will stand out as a breath of fresh air against all their predictable black. Add pearl earrings and necklace to let them know you're a lady not to be trifled with. Add gold sandals and clutch to tell them you have an edge as well. And leopard framed sunglasses for fun! Wear your loveliest red lipstick and dance!
That's stylin'!