Fresh and Clean and Sexy!

Over50Styling! Do you change your fragrance in the spring? Fresh and Clean and Sexy!

Some women wear a different fragrance from day to day. Others wear the same all their life. I have changed my fragrances over the years as my tastes and life have changed, and as I have changed. I like my fragrance to reflect something of me so that when people smell it, they think of me.
I have one that I wear all through the fall and winter months. That's Dolce and Gabbana's The One. Once the spring arrives and the windows are open and moods lift, I like to change to a lighter fragrance. For spring and summer, I wear Donna Karan New York's Pure. I wear the original version, which I fear may no longer be available from what I am seeing in stores. Its' light and lovely and has a vanilla note to it that I love. If you've worn the same fragrance all winter, try a softer, lighter one for spring and summer. Talk with the woman at the fragrance counter. Let her assist you in selecting something you'll like. Let her know what you've worn and what you like about it. Tell her fragrances you don't like as well. That way she can steer you towards a fragrance that will appeal to you. Who knows, it may be your new favorite fragrance!

And to go with lighter fragrances, a lovely outfit. A coral maxiskirt paired with a sweater shell in an abstract design. Top this with a lightweight cardigan in pretty crochet. Pale coral slingbacks go well. An ivory bag in a crocodile texture gives things an edge. Round sunglasses in the same ivory and black add flare. And for sparkle, there are fabulous crystal earrings to catch the light!
That's stylin'!