Down by the Sea or Lounging by a Pool

Over50Styling! Take a cruise, go to the beach, or sit by a pool. It's time to get in the sun! But don't forget the sunscreen or your watch! Down by the Sea

It seems that we have skipped right from deep winter to late spring -  early summer! With temps in the 80s, it's very easy to think about the beach and the pool. Just don't forget the sun and its damaging effect. Use sunscreen liberally everytime you go out in the sun.
If you still have a fairly firm middle, wearing a two piece bathingsuit is great. I'm not saying that larger gals can't wear a two piece. Many larger gals wear them and look wonderful. It's not the size, it's the condition of the body. A two piece that reveals much of the middle really requires a firm midsection. If your midsection isn't that firm, try one of the higher cut bathingsuits or a one piece. There are so many cuts for suits around right now, there's something for everyone.
Always rinse off sunscreen and salt water as soon as possible after exposure and apply moisturizer. If your hair has been exposed, treat it just like your skin. Rinse and moisturize. The sun can damage hair just as badly as skin and do awful things to chemically altered hair. Wearing a hat to cover colored or treated hair is a good idea. Hydrate your skin and whole body by drinking lots of water. Hydration is something we tend to forget when we are having a good time. Ask someone to remind you or set a timer on your smart phone. Have fun in the sun the smart way!