Welcome to Monday!

Over50Styling! It's Monday and I am amazing! So are you!Beware of Sharks!

We're getting to the time when events will be planned around summer houses and boats. Or they will be held at restaurants with a pier-side view. Having a nautical look can be fun! But you don't have to wear red, white and blue or white sailor pants.
This yellow striped t-dress with the blue cardigan makes a snappy combo. The yellow and white stripes are unexpected, but work really well into the nautical theme. Especially when you add in the sensible and comfortable but chic navy and white striped flats. The blue and white striped watch and earrings are added for fun, but they emphasize the theme a bit more. The design on the fold-over clutch looks like a fisherman's net, and that certainly works with the theme, too! The laugh comes in with the tote to carry anything else you might need to have for the event. The stripes and water with the statement will get chuckles from even the toughest crowd! And all you need to do is smile back from behind your bright yellow sunglasses!
That's stylin'!