Style Trend: Culottes are back!

Over50Styling! Culottes come in various widths and lengths. So try them all on and find out which ones look best on you. Out in the Fresh Spring Air

This pair of culottes are cut fairly close to the leg, so I used color in the outfit to give it some character. A soft gold tank tucks into olive green culottes cut close with cuffs, cargo pockets, tabbed pockets and a self belt with belt loops. In a lighter, softer shade of green, I added a sweater to pull over the tank or to tie around your shoulders. Gold earrings and a gold cuff bracelet add some shine. Going by the rule of proportion mentioned in the other set, these culottes are close cut and fairly short, so I chose high shoes. Green canvas sandals set up on wedges wrapped in hemp rope do the trick. I added the rich golden tote and leopard print sunnies for interest and fun!
That's stylin'!