Style Trend: Culottes and the Proportion Rules

Over50Styling! Style Trend - Culottes
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A style trend we haven't seen well done in many years, now seems to have finally come off the runway in a wearable form. Culottes are with us again. I have read in several places that there is a little bit of proportion that you need to remember when styling culottes. First of all, think of them as an A-line skirt. Now, if you wear them short, proportion requires a higher heel. If you wear them long, then you should opt for an lower heel or flats. While I think generally this may apply, I also think there will be some outfits that will not comply with the proportion rules and will require a more individualized styling approach.
I chose the bamboo patterned culottes in a lovely flowy style. They have a high waist and a self-tie belt. To balance them out I chose a white off the shoulder top with long fitted sleeves. This style works well for older women as it covers that heavy arm problem but shows off nice shoulders and collar bone areas. Just be sure to were a strapless bra that's been fitted by a professional or the look won't work well.
I added a turquoise bird necklace for color. Then I continued the color in a paler shade in the handbag and print heels. The heels are fairly high and the skirt is a bit on the longer side. However, I felt that given the flowy fabric and off the shoulder top, the proportion rule could be shifted a bit. The higher heels was in keeping with the balance of the outfit.
That's stylin'!