Sparkling White

Over50Styling! Spring is when we really get out the white white clothes! Sparkling White

We wear white all winter long, but not like we do as soon as spring comes. This is when we dig out the all white stuff that takes bleach and sunshine to keep it sparkling white!
Here we have cropped cigarette trousers and a sheer linen blouse in a wrap style with an uneven hem line that drapes to the knees at the longest point. It has a 3/4 length sleeve and a fairly low cut neckline that you might want to put a camisole into. But use a lacy lingerie style one with this blouse, not a utilitarian spandex one. I added a gold and rhinestone star pin at the wrap neckline and gold and rhinestone hoop earrings for more sparkle. A white and lucite structured bag keeps things clean and sharp. I added metallic magenta strappy heeled sandals for a color accent for two reasons. One, I really liked the way the color looked with all that white. And, two, I really hate white shoes. Sorry, I was a waitress when I was a teenager and ever since then I really hate white shoes. You probably will not see too many white shoes in my designs. And this one just begged for a pop!
That's stylin'!