Red & White to the Max(i)

Over50Styling! Bright red roses on a wonderful swirl of a skirt? That's stylin'! Red & White to the Max(i)

What could be more fun that a swirl of bright red roses around your legs all the way to your ankles? This lovely Dolce and Gabbana skirt will do the trick! I added the D&G shoes as well, but it would work well with red or green shoes or a pair of pretty sandals. I topped it with a tailored white crop top that fits just at the waist of the skirt so there are no gaps and a bright red shrug for arm coverage. The jewelry is all red and roses to continue the theme. And the handbag is a black square with a huge red dot for fun! The red and white polka dotted sunglasses add in another spring trend. And the headscarf is another spot of fun or for those days when you just can't or can't be bothered to get your hair to cooperate.
That's stylin'!