Louise Roe - Style Staples

Louise Roe has a distinct style and has just released a  book about it! Louise Roe - Style Staples
Louise Roe is young and very much a part of the in fashion scene right now. She has a distinct fashion style. She wears clothes with classic lines. Her clothes have details that set them apart. She stays on top of trends to maintain her edge, but is not a slave to the trends. She makes them her own. She wears her clothes with a casual attitude. She puts me very much in mind of Audrey Hepburn in the way she wears clothes. Let's take a look at this particular look. It's not a LBD, but it's all black!
Start with a loose but not oversized black t-shirt with a rounded neckline. Tuck that into a black midi pencil skirt with detailing down the side. Add fine gold jewelry in an understated way. Nothing bold or oversized here. Slip into black pumps covered in tiny round studs. They are a medium heel, not stilettos. Slip on large black celebrity type sunglasses. Add a moto style black leather jacket worn thrown over the shoulders. The final item is a slim clutch on a chain to wear over the shoulder.
It's all discrete and rather ladylike.
That's stylin'!