Spring Palette for Home Decor

Spring Palette for Decor

Spring Tones for Your Home
Honestly, I started with the chair. Once I put the rug with it, I had another rainbow design. I can't seem to do a room with out at least four or five colors. Crazy, I know. But I really seem to love color in a room.
So here's the latest spring bouquet. The rug had all the colors and I pulled from there shamelessly. As you can see, the pillows are all the floral colors. The two basic decor colors are the sage green and the hot pink. The way the hot pink is spread around in small dabs, it doesn't seem obnoxious, just a nice rich dab of color.
I would recommend paint or wallpaper in the pale green color of the square that's shown under the coffee table up there. It will tie everything together and it's such a soothing color.
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