Welcome back! I'm sorry about the gap in my posts. Unfortunately, family needs required that I put the blog aside and attend my mother and stepfather. He is doing better now and things have settled down a bit. So, I am here again.

I would like to share some outfits with you that were put together by some other designers at Polyvore. I thought this might give you another way of looking at clothes appropriate for women our age. I hope you enjoy the ones I have chosen for you. They are all casual mid-week looks. There is one maxi skirt look, and the rest are slacks outfits. Most of these outfits show stilettos, where I would probably have chosen lower heels or flats. There is all white and all black. There is layering that is almost still a winter look and there is camisole and light sweater which is almost a summer look. So there is some of everthing in these nine looks. But they all have something to offer to us. They push us to put different colors together, to add accessories we might not consider on our own, and to go beyond our normal comfort zone. I think of it as "play". I think a woman needs to do that every once in a while to try new things and see what looks good. You can't tell just looking at something on a dummy or hanger. You need to put it on your own body and move. You need to see how it really works for you. You may be surprised!

Enjoy the stylin'!