Just a bit Industrial

Do you like the Industrial Look in interiors these days? You see it done up so that some rooms look like the set for a Steampunk movie set. It's all dark leather furnishings and velvet hangings and massive stuff. So overwhelming and not the least bit like home. So how can you use it in a home?    Just a bit Industrial

Well, I started with the rug actually. Then added the small couch. Once I had added the coffee table, I had found my way. The beiges in the rug and couch are that nude beige that almost look pink but aren't. But once I put the stripped wood tones of the coffee table in there, it blended the plush aspect of those two pieces with the rougher aspect of the industrial look I was trying for. I added the wine bottle lighting experimentally and found that I really liked it. Not only did it bring in the green tones I wanted to add, but it added the sparkle of glass that I feel helps to keep this sort of look from getting too heavy. I found the folding screen quite by accident, but was very pleased with its addition to the room. The hardest thing to find was the wall clock. I wanted one that had that industrial look without being too industrial, and was a bit artsy as well. When I found this one, I wasn't sure until I added the metal planter with succulents and the hammered vase with the branches. Then the metals all felt comfortable together. Like calls to like, sort of. One more plant on the coffee table and a few throw pillows to add more color and I was done. I felt I had achieved an Industrial look that was really homey and livable! What do you think? Could you live with this room? Send my your thoughts by clicking on COMMENTS below. I'd love to hear from you!