It May Be Small, But It Has Big Ideas!

Downsizing: to take a whole family house full of possessions and stuff them into a senior citizen housing unit. So, how do you do it with your sanity intact? It May Be Small, But It Has Big Ideas!

Small spaces require a certain mindset. You are used to living in a whole house and have for probably most of your life. Now, you are about to move into a two or three room "unit". I learned a few things watching my mother go through this. I've started downsizing now, because to do it in the months just before you actually move is overwhelming. 

But how do you approach decorating this unit? You need to think on a smaller scale. For instance, the small sofa is for seating three and would fit nicely in a unit. Think of side tables instead of a coffee table so that you retain traffic flow. Floor lamps and ceiling lights rather than table lamps. Your floor lamps should have a small footprint, though, so as not to be a tripping hazard. Bookshelves are for baskets to store things as well as your treasures on display. Baskets and boxes are great additional storage. Boxes and trunks on a small scale make great side tables. Additional storage is found!

Such units are usually carpeted in neutral colored carpet, so a colorful area rug will add color and define areas when walls don't. Use items that reflect light to keep a small space bright. Use a color scheme that can flow throughout your rooms with just some tweaks here and there. Eliminate clutter. Donate things to the common rooms like the library and games rooms. Has anyone found the secret to doing this without losing your cool?