Isadora Peabody in Susan Wigg's The Charm School

Isadora Peabody

A wonderful yellow dress with a lovely bell sleeve. I've added a green print scarf to play with. Yellow heels in the same wonderful yellow and a great spring green handbag. For fun I've added gold crab motif earrings. Those have more to do with the book that this is based on than anything else.
The contest was to do a set based on a character from your favorite book. The Charm School by Susan Wiggs has been a favorite of mine for many years. Yes, it's a historical romance. I love them and read them all the time in between all the other genres I enjoy.
Isadora Peabody goes from being almost invisible to being someone to be reckoned with in this book. She's an allergic, eyeglass wearing, bluestocking mess. She has a horrendous crush on the ship owner's very handsome son. She goes to sea as the Navigator's replacement.
Day by day she discovers things about herself as she gets to know the members of the crew. She learns life skills from each of them. But she avoids the handsome Captain. She's already had a run-in with him and she has a very low opinion of him.
Of course, the predictable happens. This is a romance, so you know what has to happen, but I'm not giving it away.
 Once back in Boston, no one can believe this is the same woman! 
Read Susan Wiggs' The Charm School to find out how it happens!