Amazing for Monday!

Over50Styling! Happing Monday! The beginning of a whole new week, simply amazing! What wonderful things can we accomplish this week? Amazing for Monday!

I couldn't resist this flapper-ish style dress when I saw it! But I didn't want a flapper look. I wanted an amazing Monday look! So here it is. Top the dress with the standard denim jacket. You know the one, a little bit boxy and nicely faded now from wearing and washing because it was the first one we all bought. Turn back the cuffs. Add a purple statement necklace and purple chandelier earrings to define the chosen main color. Now slip on these great patent and suede kitten heel pumps. Slip on a wonderfully gorgeous purple ring (this one is Bulgari, so it really is wonderful). Add sunnies in a blue tone to break up the purple and grab a green handbag for the same reason. Now, you have the flapper feel in the dress because of the pleated effect around the bottom. So go out and share that flirty feeling with the world! And if you can do it in an old pink Chevy, so much the better!
That's stylin'!