Your Weekend Forecast - Spring may be just around the corner!

Spring it just around the corner!

Denim for Spring!

It's Friday and time for the weekend forecast, which is denim!
They asked us what we wanted our denim to look like this spring and I thought about it. I'm not really looking for my denim to change a whole lot, I thought. I like the way it is. Well, I could be having more fun with it, I guess. SO, this spring, I'll have more fun with my denim! I can hardly wait to see where that leads me!

Today, it lead me to a pair of straight leg jeans and a striped top. Hmmm, sounds familiar doesn't it? Well, this top is striped, but it's blue stripes and has red cuffs and pocket facings that add that touch of fun. I added a checkerboard scarf for a bit more whimsy and color. The shoes speak for themselves with their hearts out there on their toes! The red catseye sunnies are fun, too! The red handbag is just irresistible, so I had to add it! And the blue earrings were just unexpected, because I thought I was going to do red ones. So this is how I'm going to have more fun in denim? How are you going to do it? Send me a picture, a set, or a comment! Let's have some fun!

That's stylin'!