Your Weekend Forecast is Coffee, Books & Rain

Your Weekend Forecast is Denim

It's the weekend again! If you're already retired and have changed your routine completely, you may not notice weekends like you used to when you were still working. I haven't reached that point, yet. I still work here from home - or you wouldn't be reading this, right? Also, my husband still teaches middle school. So our schedule still revolves around the work week. I look forward to weekends! I shut down my computer and kick back - I wish! Nope, that doesn't happen, yet. I am very much a digital age person. I love to read and have an allergy to mold. So to kill two birds with one stone, I got rid of all my paperback books and have a tablet and several reading accounts like nook and kindle. It seems I'm always on some sort of e device! I also always have my cell phone with me, even room to room! My husband won't answer my phone for me even if I tell him who it is, the caller ID photo shows our daughter with her dog and I holler down from upstairs asking him to pick it up! So yes, I take my phone with me to the bathroom! Is everyone else that connected? Is it the first thing you look at in the morning and the last thing you check on at night? I recently rearranged my bedroom and currently don't have a nightstand for my phone and glasses. So when I first get up in the morning, I can't see my phone. I don't waste as much time as I used to! I always got caught up with e-mail and such and I could end up two hours later still sitting in bed in my pajamas on the phone! I feel better for having cut that wireless cord! Are you still caught up with that wireless cord?
I saw the Vogue forecast for spring trends this morning. I noticed that flares are the style du rigeur for the spring, so here you go...flares! Flares tend to be cut long, so I put them with stilettos - and aren't these gorgeous?! I paired them with a statement tee and a fabulous raspberry blazer. I love to put large pins on blazers! I wear a lot of knits and soft fabrics, so I can't usually wear the pins on those fabrics. But blazers are usually made of a firm enough fabric to handle a nice pin well. 
That's stylin'!