Make-up Tips for Gals with Glasses

Make-up Tips for Gals with Glasses
Make-up Tips for Gals with Glasses
These tips were shared in a post by Colleen Freese on March 17, 2014 on her blog Let's Talk About Lipstick. I'm sharing them with you because it makes a difference when you wear glasses how you do your make-up. I'm going to change the order of things a bit, but I'll give you the same info.
1. Skin: Even out your skin tones with a seude-finish foundation. Then add a light sweep of a rosy blush from apples almost to hairline. Now, something I want to add here that I learned in another blog awhile ago is this. A pea-sized drop of each, your moisturizer and your foundation, mixed together and spread with your fingers, then smoothed with a sponge gives a great cover.
2. Use a peach or yellow based concealer under your eyes to handle the glasses shadows. Set this with a very fine loose powder.
3. Don't go too dark or too bright with your eyeshadow colors. Using light and medium shades of earth tones, you can create a great smoky eye. Save your jewel tones for a thin line of eyeliner, if you must have a bit of a color pop. Try copper, bronze, wine, or deep amethyst depending on your eye color.
4. Liner, thick or thin? If you frames are thin, keep your eyeliner thin and conservative. If you wear a heavy frame, your liner can be thicker and a bit more dramatic. Just be sure not to overpower your glasses frames with too much drama.
5. Lashes - Curl them. Use mascara. Let it dry. Then put on your glasses. No touching and no mess.
6. Lower inside corners of the eyes - tap a little highlighter/shimmer just below the eye here. This wakes up the eye - Good Morning! The boxed product in the picture above by Benefit has a concealer and a highlight together - a two-in-one.
7. Nude liner at the water line. If your eyes are red or dry, first use something like Visine. Usually it's suggested you use white liner at the water line, but Colleen suggested the nude liner and I really agree as it will do the job, but appear more natural. For anyone who doesn't know where the waterline is, it's the part of the lower lid that's above the lashes, closer to the wet part of the eye. Putting a nude line along there will make you look awake as it reflects more light.
8. Brows should be well defined. Your eyebrows are the frame of your face. To keep brows mannerly, Benefit Gimme Brow is a product to try. It contains little fibers that blend with the hairs of your brows and they all stay together.
Glasses on and head up! You look great and are ready to be noticed!